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What is transcription?

When DNA makes RNA

What is the genetic code in mRNA called?


Why is the DNA code said to be degenerate?

more than one code for some amino acids

What is the sugar in DNA?


What base is complimentary with Guanine?


What do we call the process of RNA making proteins?


What is a gene?

a protion of a DNA molecule that codes for one polypeptide or protein.

How are amino acids connected together?

By peptide bonds

What is the function of tRNA?

To carry amino acids to the ribosome

What is the function of the ribosome?

to read the mRNA codon

How many amino acids are there?


What base is found in RNA but not in DNA?


Where in the cell does translation occur?

In the cytoplasm

Where in the cell does transcription occur?

In the nucleus

Where in the cell does replication occur?

In the nucleus

What is replication?

When DNA reproduces itself

Non-coding sequences of bases found in DNA are called ____


Which is larger: DNA or mRNA?


Which is larger: mRNA or tRNA?


What is the genetic code?

3 bases code for one amino acid

How many DNA molecules are in one chromosome?


Which is larger: a chromosome or a gene?

a chromosome

What is the function of the ribosome?

to read the mRNA codons

What is a point mutation?

substitution of one base for another in DNA

The effect of a base addition or deletion in DNA is ____

a frameshift of the codons

What is an example of chromosomal mutation?

Missing or additional chromosomes

Name one disorder caused by extra chromosomes.

Down Syndrome

Name one disorder caused by deletion of bases.

Cystic fibrosis is caused by deleting AAA in DNA

Name one disorder caused by a point mutation.

Sickle Cell anemia

What is the cause of sickle cell anemia?

Substitution of valine for glutamic acid

Name one chromosomal disorder caused by missing info.

Turner Syndrome

What is the name of the disorder caused by having an extra X?

Kleinfelter's Syndrome

What are exons?

Base sequences in DNA that code for something

What are introns?

Base sequences in DNA that not code for anything

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