Gerund or Infinitive IV

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Dan enjoys (read) science fiction
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I hope (graduate) from college next Juneto graduateThe models practiced (walk) with a book balanced on their headswalkingMandy has promised (take) care of our dog while we are on vacationto takeMr. Edwards chose (accept) the management position in Chicago rather than the position in Miamito acceptI don't know what she wants (do) tonight. Why don't you ask her?to doFrank offered (help) us paint the houseto helpSandra decided (study) economics in Londonto studyWitnesses reported (see) the bank robber as he was climbing out of the second-story windowseeingStephanie dislikes (work) in front of a computer all dayworkingMrs. Naidoo appears (be) the most qualified person for the jobto beEliza recommended (eat) in a dim sum restaurant while we're in Hong KongeatingI demand (talk) to the manager of the hotel immediatelyto talkMy grandmother recalled (see) a plane for the very first time when she was sixseeingShe claims (be) related to George Washington but I don't believe herto beThis broken bicycle needs (fix) before someone can ride itfixingI can't understand (drive) such a big car when gas prices are so high not to mention what it does to the environment,drivingShe refused (speak) to me after our fightto speakThe wilderness adventure course lasts ten days and involves (hike) more than fifty miles through rugged mountainous terrainhikingDon't hesitate (ask) for help if you don't understand the directionsto askShe managed (communicate) with them even though she didn't speak their languageto communicateShe pretended (be) a student in order to get a student discountto beShe waited (see) what would happen nextto seeThe child denied (steal) the piece of candystealingWe fully intend (pay) you for all the work you have done for usto payYou seem (be) a little distracted. Is everything alright?to beLaura and Ed discussed (move) to the city to find work; however in the end they decided against relocatingmovingShe refused (admit) that she had made a mistaketo admitAfter his accident last year he would never consider (buy) another motorcyclebuyingMargaret just happened (find) the lost car keys while she was looking for something elseto findHe never admitted (have) the wild party while his parents were out of townhavingJackie tends (arrive) late on Mondays but our boss doesn't seem to care about that very muchto arriveShe imagined (lie) on a tropical beach under a palm treelyingThe winner of the local competition gets (participate) in a national competition in Washington D.Cto participateWe don't anticipate (have) any more technical problems during the concert tourhavingDebbie failed (notice) her credit card lying on the groundto noticeThe politician swore (serve) the people honestly and with pride but the scandal revelaled that the promise was little more than a lieto serveMr. Shinohara recollected (work) with his father on his family's fishing boat when he was a young childworkingThe medical team deserves (receive) the award for their volunteer work in sub-Saharan Africato receiveI really appreciate (have) the opportunity to take part in this project and to work with such an excellent teamhavingShe delayed (submit) her application until just one week before the deadlinesubmittingEverybody arranged (meet) at the train station 30 minutes before the train departedto meetSimona resisted (speak) Italian during her English training program in London. She wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to improve her EnglishspeakingDo you care (join) us later for dinner? We are meeting at Tony's Italian Restaurant downtownto joinWe waited (see) what would happen next but nothing happenedto seeJulius vowed (return) to his home country once again to see the village where he and his family had lived before the warto returnDiana yearns (travel) to far off exotic destinationsto travelWhen she got through (read) her book she laid it on a table next to the beb and went to sleepreadingThey expected (arrive) much earlier but their plane was delayed in Paristo arriveMichael postponed (clean) the bathroom as long as possible. He hates cleaning!cleaningHow can you defend (say) such terrible things to him?sayingBill agreed (meet) us at the restaurant at 8:30 but he never showed upto meetJennifer practiced (pronounce) the word until she sounded just like a native speakerpronouncingOur art teacher encouraged us (experiment) with different colorsexperimentingDana hopes (save) enough money to travel around Europe for three months. It's her dreamto save(Dance) is her life. That is why Susan moved to New York to study dancing professionallydancingConstance plans (take) part in the marathon next springto takeI can't help (wonder) how my grandmother's life would have been different if she had been able to go to collegewonderingThe doctor advised (see) a specialist about the problemseeing(Swim) helped me strengthen my injured legswimmingAfter the tsunami Bette chose (stay) in Indonesia and work with a relief organizationto stay(Read) is a great way to relax. I love to sit back and enjoy a good bookreadingWhy do you always get (be) first? I want to go first this time!to beWhen you're in Prague I recommend (walk) from the Charles Bridge to the castle at nightwalkingSusanne just happened (be) in the restaurant when Julia Roberts walked in! Can you believe that?to beEye specialists urge (take) frequent breaks while using the computer for extended periods of timetakingI thought you knew nothing about cars. Where did you learn (change) a flat tire?to changeMy favorite thing is (float) on my back in the seafloatingThe Egyptology course requires (participate) in six months of field studies near LuxorparticipatingThe nurse risked (get) the disease from her patient but she continued to treat him until she had fully recoveredgettingDad you promised (take) us to the beach today. When are we going to go to the beach?to takeHe expects (finish) his studies next summerto finishNational park officials do not permit (enter) the park without an official guide. You can hire one at the park officeenteringHe offered (carry) her books on the way hometo carryThe archaeologist reported (finding) a large previously unknown pyramid deep in the junglefindingSamantha keeps (forget) to send us the documents. We need to have them by next week!forgettingFelix decided (not accept) the position in Miami because he wanted to stay in New Yorkto acceptExercise and eat right can help you live a long and healthy lifeexercising and eatingThe refugees risked (be) captured as they tried to escape through the mountainsbeingYou have (wait) forever at the doctor's office. I suggest taking a good book to help kill timeto waitMr. Miller asked (be) included in the meeting with the new clientsto beAfter his insulting comments I thought Jack deserved (be) firedto beMax avoided (use) his cell phone when other people were in the roomusingWe arranged (have) a taxi pick us up and take us to the airportto haveI resent (be) treated like a servant in my own home!beingFrank completed (build) the new barn last week. Next he is going to paint it redbuildingDon't worry I dont mind (make) dinner. I think I"ll make fish with steamed vegetables and big salad on the side!makingCrying the mother looked into the television camera and said "society will no longer tolerate drink and drive"drinking and drivingKaren and Neil would like (try) that new dance club downtown. It's supposed to have one of the largest dance floors in the worldto tryI can't see (buy) a car when you don't even have a driver's license. That doesn't make any sense!buyingWhen do you wish (begin) now or later?to begin