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Det er fint.

It is fine (nice).

Det er pent.

It is nice.

Det er mildt.

It is mild.

Det er kaldt.

It is cold.

Det er surt.

It is chilly.

Det er kjølig.

It is cool.

Det er varmt.

It is warm.

Det er ***tig.

It is humid.

Det er overskyet.

It is cloudy.

Det er delvis overskyet.

It is partly cloudy.

Det er tåkete.

It is foggy.

Sola skinner.

The sun is shining.

Det regner.

It is raining.

Det snør.

It is snowing.

Det blåser.

It is windy.

Det er storm.

It is storming.

Det er mye sol.

There is much sun.

Det er mye regn.

There is much rain.

Det er mye snø.

There is much snow.

Det er mye vind.

There is much wind.

Det er lyn og torden.

There is lightning and thunder.

Det er sludd.

There is sleet.

Temperaturen er 20 varmegrader.

The temperature is 20 degrees above zero.

Temperaturen er 10 kuldegrader.

The temperature is 10 degrees below zero.

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