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chemical symbol

name of symbol for each of the elements on the periodic table


the most common type of chemical formula


this is a compound that forms from transferring of electrons


chemical formula is reduced version for a chemical formula


type of ion that can have a positive or negative charge for a single element


molecule that forms by sharing electrons

chemical formula

symbol followed by subscripts

law of conservation of mass

law that states in a reaction atoms are neither created nor destroyed


most cleaning products are (bases or acids)?


very reactive because they accept a hydrogen ion


in this type of reaction heat is released in to the surroundings by forming bonds


substances that form in a reaction

molecular mass

atomic mass of a compound if you add up the mass of each element


compounds that are very reactive because they donate a hydrogen ion


large number that goes in front of the compound and represents the number of compounds you have


chemical formula that show the shape of the compound

oxidation number

charge of an ion


when a compound has a charge


diatomic molecules (the seven that when by themselves come in pairs)


similar to covalent nut, it can be shared from any shell


heat to break bonds

Temperature,surface area, concentration, pressure, size, and catalysts

6 controlling factors of the rate of reactions

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