Which dimension of spirituality includes "a sense of authentically connecting to one's inner self?"
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Which belief does an atheist profess?god does not existA 62-year-old male patient has just been told he has a terminal illness. Which statement indicates that the patient is spiritually distressed because of the diagnosis of terminal illness?"I have nothing to live for now."Which concept related to spiritual health is a patient experiencing when she states that she knows her husband loves her even when he cannot be by her side?faithA patient hospitalized with heart failure states that she sees her illness as an opportunity and a challenge. Despite her illness, she is still able to see that life is worth living. Of which concept is this an example?hopeThe nurse is obtaining a spiritual history from a patient admitted with renal failure. Which factor influences a patient's spirituality? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct.age gender culture religon educationAn emergency department nurse is caring for a patient who was severely injured in a car accident. The patient's family is in the waiting room. They are crying softly. The nurse sits down next to the family, takes the mother's hand, and says, "I can only imagine how you're feeling. What can I do to help you feel more at peace right now?" Which concept is the nurse demonstrating in this example?presenceIn the FICA assessment tool for evaluating spirituality, what does the letter A stand for?address.......................A patient experienced asystole because of an acute heart attack but recovered because of resuscitative measures. Which observation made by the patient suggests the patient had a near-death experience (NDE)? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct.seeing a bright light meeting her dead parents feeling as if she was pulled out of her bodyA patient was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a hysterectomy. During assessment in the recovery room, the patient tells the nurse, "I don't believe in God anymore. I can't believe I can never have a child. Why me? I can never be the same person again." Which concept does this reaction suggest?Spiritual distress because of loss of purpose in lifeA tearful parent of a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer is in the hospital lobby. The nurse comforts the parent, who says that life would be meaningless without the child. Which trait is the parent exhibiting?spiritual distressA patient just gave birth to a beautiful baby. The mother says, "It's like a miracle. I don't have words to explain this feeling. My baby is perfect, like something out of this world. Thank you, God." Which feeling did the patient just experience?transcendenceA Roman Catholic patient with diabetes receives a meal tray on the Friday before Easter. Which food does the nurse offer to replace?spaghetti with meat sauceA 38-year-old patient who is a Jehovah's Witness is involved in a major motor vehicle accident. The patient was brought to the emergency department and was found to have lost too much blood, thus requiring a blood transfusion. Which nursing action would be taken in such a situation?The patient should be asked to decide about the transfusion.Which dietary practice is followed by a Hindu patient?not eating any meatThe nurse wants to include spiritual care when planning care for a sick patient. Which action would the nurse allow? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct.Family members to plan a prayer session Slow, religious music Time for religious readingsThe nurse enters the room of a patient who is crying after receiving news of a life-threatening illness. Which question posed by the nurse may provide comfort?"Would you like me to pray with you?"Which statements made by an older-adult woman whose husband recently died mostindicates the need for follow-up by the nurse?"I have been unable to talk with my children lately."During a spiritual assessment, which question asked by the nurse assesses connectedness?"How do you feel after you've prayed?"Which question would help the nurse assess the patient's spirituality? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct."Whom do you feel is the closest to you?" "What do you want to achieve in your life?" "Do you attend a religious service on a regular basis?"Which patient would most likely require spiritual intervention related to grief?A 30-year-old patient who underwent a mastectomyIn cases in which a patient is experiencing stress and anxiety, which meditation techniques would the nurse teach the patient to help healing? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct.Teach the patient to sit with his or her back straight and breathe slowly. Identify a quiet room in the home that has minimal interruptions. Provide a printed teaching guide that explains how to meditate.Which statement by a patient with end-stage cancer indicates the need for spiritual intervention?"I would like to ask my pastor about a final blessing."