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Compounds that can be dissolved in water


Compounds that will not dissolve in water


A homogenous mixture


Larger component of a solution, usually water


Smaller component of a solution


Ions separate in solutions to produce an electric current

Non electrolyte

Ions do not separate in solution

Saturated solution

Contains max amount of solute that can be dissolved

Unsaturated solution

Less solute that can be dissolved


The max amount of solute that dissolves in a specific amount of solvent. It can also be expressed as grams of solute in 100 grams of solvent, usually in water


Water molecules form around ions in solution


Solution where water is added to increase the volume


amount of solute dissolved in a specific amount of solution


"M" moles of solute per liter of solution aka mol solute/L solution


"m" moles of solute per kilogram of solvent aka mol solute/Kg solvent

Mass percent definition

Concentration is percent by mass of solute in a solution. G of solute/100 g of solvent x 100

Mass percent formula

G of solute/100 g of solvent x 100 OR Mass of solute/Mass of solute+Mass of solvent x 100

Volume percent definition

% volume of solute (liquid) to volume (mL) of solution

Volume percent formula

mL solute/mL solution x 100 OR mL solute/100 mL of solution x 100

Molal freezing point constant

Kfreezing aka Kf

Molal boiling point constant

Kboiling aka Kb

Freezing point depression

∆ Tfreezing= Kfm

Boiling point elevation

∆ Tboiling = Kbm





acidic solution

[H3O] > [OH] and pH < 7

basic solution

[H3O] < [OH] and pH > 7

neutral solution

[H3O] = [OH] and pH = 7

hydronium ion


hydroxide ion


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