9 terms

C1 test questions

straw bedding
drainage bedding
shaving bedding
not a drainage bedding, very absorbant must be cleaned daily.
how to blanket
1.fasten chest straps 2. fasten belly straps 3. fasten leg straps.
(never put blanket on over horses head.) PC way.
taking off blanket
unbuckle belly or leg straps then chest straps. PC way. not over the head of the horse.
Ornamental Yew Evergreen
red berries, N.E. mid west, shrub, a mouthful can be fatal.
symptoms: trembling, labored breathing, collapse.
12 gallons per day
grass hay & grain used for energy and digestion.
red&white flowers, west coast, house&garden plant, 4oz can be fatal.
symptoms: severe diarrhea, abnormal heart beat.
plains states to S.W. to pacific N.W. eating 20lbs at once or a little over time causes liver damage. symptoms: yellow mucas membranes, liver failure, depression, lack of coordination.