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allows a member of the code to be accessed outside of the class, known as an access specifier


prevents a member of the code from being accessed from outside of the class


a type of Run-time error or exception that can occur while performing certain Input or Output operations


blocks of code. program is attempted and if that statement generates an exception then the code inside of the associated catch-block will be initiated. This means the other is set to catch that particular type of exception. The only exception being IOException

for loop

(int x= 0; x < limit; x++/--)


used to store an ordered list of primitive values or objects

ex. int num[] = new int[5];

single dimensional array

a list of related variables

two dimensional array

an array that uses two indices foro the location of one element (rows & columns)

multi-dimensional array

an array that uses more than one index to specify a stored value
int num[] [] = new [5] [3]


the integer value that selects a partilcular element in an array


same thing as an index


a value or object stored within another object such as an array or class

row major

type of an array that, when addressing a place in an array, the row number comes first

length data member

data member in the string class that is the length of the string


a series of ordered characters. represented in Java by the String class and the string literals such as "hello".


not changeable

length() method

a method by which the length of a string can be determined

command line arguments

the values that follow the program name on the command line


a three dimensional programming teaching program

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