nutrition older adults

¨Often have low protein stores
¨Vitamin deficient
¨PEM= Protein -energy malnutrition ( muscle wasting, low BMI)
¨Obesity = Proper Nutrition
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¤Food is more than a means of meeting nutritional needs.
¤Food is also used as part of religious ceremonies, in social interactions, and as a means of cultural expression.
¤Many major religions, such as Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, include some dietary restrictions.
¤It is important to remember that good nutrition can be achieved in any culture.
is a good indicator ¤Increased Pulse - Starlings LawCardiovascular Assessment for dehydration¨Hemoconcentration ¤Creatinine,BUN, Electrolytes, UA ¤Increased Specific gravity ¤1.005-1.030 (Normal Values) ¨Glucose - Hypoglycemia ¨Sodium ¤Hyponatremia or Hypernatremia - Seizureslabs for dehydration