Chemistry Semester Final

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is a natural science that deals with the study of (the composition, structure, properties, and changes of matter)
analytical chemistry
the branch of chemistry in which the compositions of materials are identified
Mass is an example of
extensive property
Mud is an example of
a heterogeneous mixture
Burning in air is a
chemical change process
At sea level water boils at 100°c. This is an example of
physical property
Every pure chemical compound consists of 2 or more elements that
are chemically combined
periodic table elements in vertical columns
A mixture that has the same proportions of components throughout
The substances formed by a chemical change
good conductors of electricity and heat, are malleable, ductile, lustrous
state of matter in which a material has a definite volume and a definite shape
elements on the periodic table are arranged by
chemical properties
smallest unit of an element with properties of that element
A scientific law
a concise statement that summarizes the results of many observations and experiments