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so i just put the question and typed out the correct answer

1. what is not a type of neuroglial cell

(d) nissil cell

2. in the central nervous system myelin is formed by


3. the cytoplasmic extensions that provide the main receptive surfaces for neurons are


4. masses of myelinated nerve fibers appear


5. when a nerve fiber is polarized the concentration of

(d)sodium is higher on the outside of the membrane and potassium ions is higher on the inside

6. during an action potential, repolarization occurs as a result of

(a)potassium ions diffusing to the outside of the cell membranes

7. when a neuron becomes more excitable as a result of incomming subthreshold stimulation, it is said to be


8. which of the following lists the parts of a reflex in the correct sequence?

(d)receptor sensory neurons interneuron motor neuron effector

9. within the meninges, cerebrospinal fluid occupies the

(d)subarachnoid space

10. the spinothalamic tract conducts impulses

(b)up the spinal to the thalamus

11. the part of the brain that functions to coordinate voluntary muscle movements is the


12. which of the following is most closely associated with the diencephalon


13. the complex network of tiny islands of gray matter within the brain that activates the cerebral cortex to a state of wakefulness is the

(c)limbic system

14. the two types of cells of the nervous system are

(b)neurons and neuroglial

15. the space between neurons is a


16. the nervous system

(e)all of the above

17. neurons that convey impulses from the CNS to muscles or glands are

(a) effectors

18. sensory receptors

(e) all of the above

19. three general functions of the nervous system are

(b) integrative .......

20. a neuron may have

(a) one axon and many dendrites

21. _________ support the axon from within

(c) Neurofibrils

22. every neuron has

(b) a cell body

23. which of the following is unique to neurons?

(b) chromatophilic substance

24. myelin

(b) comprises much of the cell membrane of schwan cells

25. a myelinated nerve fiber is ________ whereas an unmyelinated nerve fiber is _________

(c). white, and composing the white matter of the brain and spinal cord; gray, and composing of the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord

26. which cells produce myelin in the brain and spinal cord?

(d) oligodendrocytes

27. a reason that the CNS ans PNS differ in their ability to regenerate after injury is that

(a) axons of the CNS lack myelin

28. Most of the neurons in the brain and spinal cord

(c) multipolar

29. in order for a severed peripheral nerve to regenerate and recover its original function, nerve fibers must sprout and enter tubes formed by

( c) myelin

30. clusters of neuron cell bodies are called

(c) ganglia

31. synaptic knobs are at the ends of

(a ) axons

32. presynaptic neurons release neurotansmitters by

(d) active transport

33. when an action potential passes over the surface of a synaptic knob, the contents of the vescicles are released in responce to the presence of

(b) sodium ions

34. a stimulus great enough to change the membrane potential and propagate an action potential is said to have reached

(e) threshold

35. when a nerve fiber is polarized the concentration of

(d) NA+ is higher on the outside of the membrane and K+ is higher on the inside

36.saltatory conduction

(c) is faster than conduction on an unmyelinated fiber

37. the most rapid nerve impulses are conducted on fibers that are

(A) thick and myelinated

38. which of the following ions cross cell membranes most readily

(a) potassium

39. what is the correct sequence of events that follows a threshold potential

(b) 2,1,4,3

40. each neuron in the CNS receives input from

(b) one synaptic knob at each end

41. the neurotransmitter that controls skeletal muscle contraction is

(c) acetylcholine

42. in reuptake

(c) neurotransmitters that has already been released into the synaptic cleft is taken back into the synaptic knob of the presubnaptic neuron or nearby neuroglia or neurons

43. convergence refers to

(b) axons from nuerons in different parts of the nervous system contacting the same neuron

44. diverging axons amplify an impulse by contacting many neurons

(a) contacting many neurons

45. the neurotransmitter most likely produced when a person uses a drug that creates a sense of well-being is

(b) dopamine

46. the CNS consists of

(b) the brain and spinal cord

47. the epidural space contains

(a) loose connective tissue, blood vessels, and adipose tissue

48. the meninges consist of

(c) the pis matter, arachoid matter and dura matter

49. most cerebrospinal fluid is secreted from the choroid plexuses in the

(e) lateral ventricles

50. the fourth ventricle is in the

(b) brainstem

51. cerebrospinal fluid

(e) all of the above

52. cerebrospinal fluid is produced by _______ and it ________

(a) dura matter; maintains a stable ionic concentration in the CNS

53. reflexes help to control

(e) all of the above

54. gray matter of the spinal cord is mostly composed of

(b) cerebrospinal fluid

55. the spinal cord has

(e) all of the above

56. all reflexes have

(b) a reflex arc

57. the simplest level of CNS function is the

(b) patellar reflex

58. the part of the brain that coordinates voluntary muscular movements is the

(a) cerebrum

59. which of the following is a major portion of the diencephalon

(a) thalamus

60. if the area of the cerebral hemisphere corresponding to Broca's area is damages

(d) motor control of the muscles associated with speech is lost

61. the function of the cerebral association area is

(e) all of the above

62. which lobe of your brain are you using when answering this question

(b) parietal

63. the _____ separates the cerebrum from the cerebellum

(d) transverse fissure

64. if the general interpretative area of the dominate hemisphere is damaged in a child the

(d) child will have difficulty concentrating

65. which of the following terms and definitions is correct

(a) cerebral cortex a thin layer of gray matter forming the outermost part of the cerebrum

66. the consequence of sensory nerve fibers crossing over is that the

(b) right hemisphere of the cerebrum

67. basal ganglia are located in the _______ and _____

(d) cerebral hemisphere; aid in coordination of equilibrium motor activities

68. the somatic nervous system consists of nerve fibers that connect the CNS to the _____, where as the autonomic nervous system consists of fibers that connect the _______

(d) skin and skeletal muscles; CNS to the visceral organs

69. receptors for the general senses are sound

(c) widely distributed throughout the body

70. soecial senses arise from receptors located

(a) primarily in the head

71. the brain interprets input from sensory receptors as

(B) sensation

72. max returns to his dorm room late at night to find his roommate throwing up ..................... the odor seems to fade. Max has experienced

(b) sensory adaptation

73. olfactory receptors, which provide the sense of smell are

(c) chemoreceptors

74. which of the following are paired correctly?

(e) all of the above

75. pain receptors differ from other somatic receptors by

(b) adapting very little, if at all

76. pain receptors

(a) respond to factors that can damage tissue

77. which of the following is not a primary taste sensation?

(c) pungent

78.the taste receptor that amino acids such as glutamate activate is

(d) umami

79. movement of hair cells in the semicircular canal signals

(b) the direction of motion

80. referred pain occurs when the brain projects the sensations back to the original source in the body from which the pain originated


81. tears contain an enzyme that reduces the risk of eye infections


82. the auditory ossicles are in the inner ear


83. a hormone is a _______ and the target cell is _______

(c) molecule that has a metabolic effect on another cell; a cell that has receptors for specific hormones

84. secretion that affect only nearby cells are termed

(d) autocrine

85. exocrine glands differ from endocrine glands in that exocrine glands

(c) secrete through ducts or tubes to the body's exterior

86. a sweat gland is an example of a _____ gland

(a) exocrine

87. hormones

(e) all of the above

88. the specificity of hormone action derives from

(a ) target cell receptors that are unique fro the hormone type

89. compared to the nervous system the endocrine system

(b) may have longer lasting effects

steroid hormone

(E) all of the above

nonsteroid hormones cause _______ in their target cells

(c) activation of adenylate cyclase

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