Exam 3 Substance Use disorders

Differentiate between dependence, tolerance, and addiction
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Recognize the signs and symptoms of opioid withdrawalAgitation, fidgety, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, urinatingCompare the 3 FDA approved medication assisted treatments available for opiate use disorder in terms of MOAMethadone- Full agonist Buprenorphine- Partial agonist Naltrexone- AntagonistIdentify the life saving intervention for opioid overdoseNaloxone (Narcan)Recognize the symptoms of cocaine intoxicationHeart issues! Energetic, alertness, sociability, insomnia, strokeIdentify the type of treatment modality for cocain use disorder with proven efficacyPsychosial intervention! Clincal based therapyRecognize the physiologic effects of nicotine useMost addictive substance after 1st use Increased HR, BP, concentration, dopamine releaseDiscuss the available pharmacologic interventions for smoking cessationNRT- Gum, patch, lozenge Varenicline (chantix)- partial agonist for DA release Buproprion- DA reuptake inhibitor, makes cigs taste badIdentify the psychoactive component of cannabisTHCIdentify the potential risk associated with cannabis useAnxiety, psychosis, mood disorders, Cannaboid Hyperemesis Syndrome