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Army JROTC Leadership Bowl Practice Questions


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General George C. Marshall served as which of the following?
Head of American Red Cross, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State
What is a "norm"?
A principle of right binding upon members of a group that guides, controls, or regulates proper and accepted behavior.
Define "character".
A person's inner strength.
In leadership, __________ gives others a reason for why they should do something.
Robert purposefully assigns tasks according to his cadets' weaknesses. Ashley assigns them according to her cadets' strengths. Ashley's squad gets more recognition for accomplishing their tasks successfully but cadets in Robert's squad usually get promoted to positions that require more responsibility. Which best explains why this occurs?
Robert forces his cadets out of their comfort zones, which forces them to develop and grow in new areas, and prepares them to handle different situations.
This is defined as loyalty to country, government, ruler, group, or cause.
Name the steps in the self-discovery process?
Introspection, observation, giving and receiving feedback, and using assessment tools.
This is the neglected communication skill:
The JROTC instructor asked your friend what he knew about Army JROTC. He replied that he had heard both good and bad things about it. He also said that he thought it would be a good place to learn leadership, but that he was sure he wasn't going to like some of the challenges. The instructor smiles because she liked his answer, then she thanked your friend for his candor. Your friend didn't know what that meant, so the instructor asked you if you knew. What should you say?
Candor means fairness, openness and frankness.
The type of Thinking Map is used to define in context and answer the question,"How are you defining this thing or idea?"
Circle Map
Define "leadership"
Influencing, leading, or guiding others to accomplish a mission.
What are the responsibilities of a team leader?
A team leader is responsible for the formation, appearance, training, and discipline of the team members.
Define "assessment"
The act of evaluating or appraising a person's ability or potential to meet certain standards or criteria.
The assessment tool Winning Colors groups human behavior into categories. Name the four behavior clusters.
Builder, planner, adventurer, and relator
Define "communication"
A process in which people are able to transfer meaning among themselves.
What are the two ways of exhibiting the value of honor?
Adhere to and identify with a public code of professional value and empty honor as your motive for action.
Where is the basic power of a democratic government vested?
In the individual citizen.
Gen. George C. Marshall believed in the importance of telling people- especially superiors- what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear. This reflects which of the following leadership principles?
You are mediating an argument between two classmates. You make introductions and rules, you had both sides tell their story, and you have explored possible situations, but haven't been able to settle the disagreement. What should you do next?
Keep trying to find a solution that both classmates will agree to.
While developing your own personal code of ethics, you find that a couple of your personal values sometimes conflict with each other, and with the Army Values. You strongly believe in each personal and Army value. What should you do when they conflict?
When you find yourself in an ethical dilemma, you must search or the morally right thing to do, that best serves the ideals of your organization or group.
A ___________ is a standardized mental picture picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents a formalized conception, notion, or attitude.
A solution to a problem that solves or meets all sides' needs is called a __________ situation.
Which of the following would best describe relater behavior in Winning Colors?
friendly, harmony, teamwork
In your LET texts, what will Leadership Theory and Application teach you?
How to influence others while you are leading them; How to be a leader; What to do while you are leading
You can create true/false and multiple choice questions in the Classroom Performance System (CPS).
If you needed to describe the qualities of a person, place, or thing, this would be the type of Thinking Maps to use:
Bubble Map
What is introspection?
Self-examination for the purpose of a deeper self-understanding.
True or False: Values affect daily interactions of individuals, and a good leader must understand his or her own values in order to understand others.
You are having a disagreement with a classmate. You are getting a little angry because you have evidence that shows you are right, what should you recommend to your classmate to help resolve the situation in your favor?
Use an arbitrator to resolve the dispute
Because it is human nature to share power, democracies work easily.
Leaders should involve their subordinates in researching problems, gathering information, and developing and analyzing different courses of action. This technique will pay off in increase interest: higher morale and better efficiency by team members.
True: Subordinates are more likely to support a decision if they took part in developing it.
What is the mission of JROTC?
To motivate young people to be better citizens.
In leadership _________ gives others the knowledge to complete a task.
True or False: According to Winning Colors you can communicate with others more effectively if you use power words that appeal to others' preferences.
What are the four types of company formations?
In line with platoons in line, in column with platoons in column, in column with platoons in line, mass formation
Define "arbitrator"
A third party who's solution to a dispute is binding by both parties.