drama + theatre glossary: lighting design

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bifocal spotprofile lantern with two sets of shutters, one of which produces a E hard edge, and one a soft edge. Not necessary in zoom profiles, because this requirement is fulfilled by two lenses.blackouta lighting cue where all stage lights go off simultaneously.boardabb. for "lighting control board"buildincrease light levelsbulb roundlighting checkchannelconnected circuit in lighting systemcheckdecrease light levelscinemoidtype of colour gelcircuitmeans by which a lantern can be identified and connected to a dimmerclampnormally used to attach lanterns to barscolour calllist of gels for a designcolour filtera sheet of plastic usually composed of a coloured resin sandwiched between two clear pieces. The coloured filter absorbs all the colours of light except the colour of the filter itself, which it allows through. A colour filter is sometimes known as a Gel, after the animal material Gelatine, from which filters were originally made.colour mixingcombining the effects of two or more lighting gels.control roomwhere lighting is controlled fromcross-fadebringing another lighting state up to completely replace the current lighting state. Sometimes abbreviated to Xfade or XF.cue lightssystem of lights used to give "Cues",cue sheetlist of effectsdiffusion gelalso called Frost. Softens lightdimmerdevice that controls electricity passed to lanterns ..downlighta light from directly above the acting area.dress rehearsalfull costume/lighting/effects/sound/ action rehearsalelectrician(Chief, Deputy, Assistant) responsible for lightingelex"LX' electrical things or electrical departmentelex tape"LX" tape sticky back plastic tape available in various coloursellipsoidaltype of reflector used in profile spotsengineerusually "sound" but can be "lighting"fadermeans of controlling lightsflashwhen lights are flashed for effectflash upmethod of testing lanternsfloatsjargon for footlightsfloodto wash the stage with general lighting. The name given to a basic box-shaped lantern with a simple reflector used to achieve this effect.focusThe adjustment of lighting/projection equipment and/or the direction in which it is aimedfocusing sessionwhen adjustment and plotting is donefollow spotlarge profile spotlight with operatorfresneladjustable spotlight giving a diffused light, created by the construction of its lens of 'concentric circles'. Used with barn doors.FXabb. for 'effects'gelcoloured lighting film (originally made from gelatine)gobometal slide placed in gate of lantern which throws a patterngroundrowfloodlight battens placed on stagehalogengas contained in lampsheads belowwarning shouted if anything is dropped from abovehouse lightsthe lights that illuminate the auditorium before and after the performance and during intermission.impedanceterm of electrical resistanceirisdevice in lantern gate that allows beam size to be alteredkillinstruction to stop action or effectlampsthe thing that creates light in a lantern ("bulb" in domestic terms)lanternstage lightlevelintensity of lightlighting plotlighting cue descriptionlight seta term used to describe a situation where no physical set is used on stage. The 'set' is created entirely by means of lighting.loseto turn something offlimesold term for Follow Spotsmainspower sourcemasterlever/slide which controls all lightmulticorethick cable containing many cablesPC - prism convexor "pebble". A lens in a lanternpar cantype of lantern containing a fixed beam par lamppatch panelpanel where lighting circuits are connected and changed - 'patched'perchlighting position concealed behind prosceniumprofile spotlantern which can produce hard or soft lightplotany list of cuesprompt copy/bookthe master copy of the performance, including all blocking, effects and cuesrecordplotting a lighting cue by saving it to the lighting boardreflectorshiny surface in back of lantern which helps throw lightriggingfixing lighting, sound and scenic devices to the theatre structuresaturation riglighting rig at full capacityscatterlow level light cast at side of normal light beamshin busterlow side lightsshutterdevice in lantern used to shape beamslotsside lighting position in auditorium wallsspecial effectslighting effects used to enhance a theatrical performance.spillunwanted light on the stagestrobeflashing lighttechTechnical Rehearsalthrowdistance between lantern and objecttripethick bundle of cables from lighting bartri-litelighting/scenic metal section made from three lengths of lightweight alloy (triangular constructionUVabb. Ultra Violet