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Ser and Estar 4

"Let's distinguish between origin, location, and "to take place." To describe origin, or where something is from, use ser. To describe location, or where something is located right now, use estar. To tell where an event is taking place, use ser. Mónica es de España. (origin) Mónica está en Venezuela. (location) La fiesta es en la casa de Mónica. (taking place) When a noun follows the verb, use ser When an adjective follows the verb, decide between "essence" and "condition" To tell where somethin…
Mónica es de España.
Monica is of Spain.
Mónica está en Venezuela.
Monica is in Venezuela.
La fiesta es en la casa de Mónica.
The party is being held at Monica's house.
La estudiante esta en la autóbus.
The student is in the bus.
Tina es de América.
Tina is of America.
Papá esta en la casa.
Dad is in the house.