Infusion Therapy

If a pt presents as dehydrated, what is the best IV therapy to adminsiter?
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If your patient is showing signs of a venous spasm, what should be your first action with their IV infusion therapy?slow the infusion ratewhat are the common signs of systemic complications of IV therapy, such as speed shock, or an allergic reaction?flushed face, hypotension, headache, tight chestWhat types of patients would usually benefit from intraosseous therapy rather than typical subq IV therapy?burn, trauma, DKA, cardiac arrest pt's because their IV site cannot be accessed easily, or even at allhow long does the needless connection site need to be cleaned in order to greatly prevent infection?30 secondsIf a pt needs IO therapy, what is something that the nurse will need to monitor for?compartment syndrome,e which presents as molting, cold, swollen or discolored limb