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✯ STIs; __________
▪︎ Lifelong viral infection.
▪︎ Signs/ Symptoms: Often asymptomatic, presence of genital warts, cervical dysplasia
⇢ Usually not until she goes for an annual exam and gets tested for HPV that she finds out she is infected.
▪︎ Link between HPV and cervical Cancer
▪︎ Cause: 60 genotypes r/t hpv
⇢ Some of these are linked to the presence of genital warts.
⇢ Some of them are also related to cervical dysplasia or changes in the cellular structure of the cervical cells up to and including cervical cancer.
▪︎ Transmission: sexual contact
⇢ Genital Contact. Not even using a barrier method like a female or male condom can completely eliminate the risk of getting HPV because there is still some genital contact.
▪︎ Treatment:
⇢ Podophyllin (teratogenic)
・Should not be given to pregnant women because it can be linked to congenital anomalies.
⇢ Surgical removal or cryotherapy
・If she has warts they can be surgically removed or removed with cryotherapy.
▪︎ Vaccines:
⇢ Gardasil- (strands 6, 11, 16, and 18) Given to 9 -26 year olds
・Now in the regimen for young people. There is also talk about its approval for the use in boys. Since men can also be affected by HPV and transmit it to women.
・Not effective against all strands of HPV.
⇢ Cervarix
・Newer vaccine that can be effective against other strands of HPV.
⇢ While the Vaccines are great and can deeply diminish the occurrence of HPV and can help decrease incidences of cervical cancer because of that, they are not effective against ALL strands of HPV.
▪︎ The major concerns of HPV are its potential link to cervical cancer and some women (depending on the strand) may have genital warts associated with HPV.