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  1. a taxonomic group containing one or more genera
  2. Similarites that arise through convergent evolution
  3. a system for giving each organism a two-word scientific name that consists of the genus name followed by the species name
  4. Most inclusive taxonomic category; larger than a kingdom
  5. a group of natural populations that are interbreeding or that could interbreed and that are reproductively isolated from other such groups
  6. the evolutionary history of an organism

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  1. ordertaxonomic group containing one or more families


  2. phyluma group of similar classes


  3. cladisticsa taxonomic group containing one or more orders


  4. cladograma taxonomic group containing one or more orders


  5. convergent evolutionbranching diagrams depicting the hpothesis about evolutionary relationships


  6. evolutionary systematicstaxonomists give varying degrees of importance to characters and thus produce a subjective analysis of evolutionary relationships