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  1. 4 horses and riders
  2. 3 1/2 days
  3. Rainbow
  4. Euphrates River
  5. 42 months
  1. a God controlled powers that bring the kingdom of God to completion
  2. b Boundary of the "Christian" nations and Gog and Magog
  3. c God's grace revealed in the covenant fellowship
  4. d 6X7 power of evil tries to destroy the kingdom of God without success
  5. e half of the week given to the reign of antichrist in which the witness of Christ is silenced

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  1. Holy Spirit as poured out upon the whole church
  2. time in which the church is in the wilderness - preaching
  3. 1/2 of God's eternal plan, i.e. 1/2 of 7 which is the whole history of the world as the completion of the kingdom of God
  4. authority of God's word
  5. The troubled world

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  1. The four beasts/creatures by the throneAll earthly creation


  2. 7 = 3+4Perfection of all that God does with a view to the eternal sabaath


  3. LightningFreedom, ascent, development


  4. Fourthat which reveals his spirit, his nature, and, therefore, his name


  5. Trumpetswar, judgment and the law (Sinai), God's kingship and warfare against Satan