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  1. Three
  2. Sea - rough and stormy
  3. Lightning
  4. Twenty Four
  5. Four
  1. a The troubled world
  2. b Number of God as triune
  3. c Creation in all its fulness (4:8, Ezec 1&10, Dan 7, Zech 1:18)
  4. d Representatives of the church of all ages (OT + NT)
  5. e God as King and lawgiver

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  1. Freedom, ascent, development
  2. angels/ministers of the churches as they exist in this world upheld by Christ
  3. Splendor and transparency of the new creation
  4. a creature of God having become deformed, vicious, & terrifying - symbol of Satan
  5. Holy Spirit as poured out upon the whole church

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  1. 4 horses and ridersBoundary of the "Christian" nations and Gog and Magog


  2. Sealed Bookcontrol, authority, safekeeping


  3. Four CreaturesAll earthly creation


  4. 7 = 6+1Perfection of all that God does with a view to the eternal sabaath


  5. twelvecompletion in the kingdom of God