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  1. Emerald
  2. Sword
  3. dragon
  4. Trumpets
  5. Gog & Magog
  1. a Green - hope
  2. b authority of God's word
  3. c Earthly powers under Satan's control
  4. d a creature of God having become deformed, vicious, & terrifying - symbol of Satan
  5. e war, judgment and the law (Sinai), God's kingship and warfare against Satan

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  1. control, authority, safekeeping
  2. God in flesh having obtained the kingdom
  3. Holy Spirit as poured out upon the whole church
  4. angels/ministers of the churches as they exist in this world upheld by Christ
  5. fulness of all earthly creation made by God

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  1. Sea - as glassSplendor and transparency of the new creation


  2. Sixnumber of the creation as it originally received its power from God


  3. RainbowFreedom, ascent, development


  4. Eyesthat which reveals his spirit, his nature, and, therefore, his name


  5. LightningGod as King and lawgiver