12 terms

Rewriting Word Problems & Equations

Convert mathematical equations such as: "one plus two" to "1+2" and vice versa.
Change "Eight times a number plus seven" to a numerical equation.
Change "The quotient of eighteen and a number is 2" to a numerical equation.
Change (7n+4)*3 to a statement.
Seven multiplied by a number plus four then multiplied by three.
Change 8+9 to a statement.
Eight plus nine.
Change 27.4/3 to a statement.
Twenty seven point four divided by three.
Change "The result of nine times nine plus two." to a statement.
Change "Forty multiplied by three." to a numerical equation.
What does QUOTIENT mean?
The answer to a division problem.
What does PRODUCT mean?
The answer to a multiplication problem.
What does SUM mean?
The answer to an addition problem.
What does DIFFERENCE mean?
The answer to a subtraction problem.
What is an ADDEND?
A number that is added to another number.