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TorF verbs are at their strongest when skillfully cast in the passive voice


TorF words that stand for things the reader can see, feel, taste, or smell are abstrace


Mark the statement that describes the best practice concerning word length in writing
a.challenge the reader with long words
b.alternate long and short words as much as possible
c. be concerned with precision and forget length
d. concentrate on the short words and use the long wones with caution
e. never use long words in business writi

Concentrate on the short words and use the long ones with caution

TorF if the content of a paragraph can be reduced to one topic statement one can be reasonably sure that the paragraph has unity.


TorF Short sentences receive less emphasis than long sentences


TorF word such as I regret to inform are highly positive and cushion the shock of bad news


torf you-viewpoint is effective only in messages presenting favorable information


Mark the wording that is not a rubber stamp
a. we beg to advise
b. trusting to hear from you
c.deem it advisable
d.this is to inform
e.please answer the request soon

e. please answer this request soon

the term that i not one of the four major emphasis devices is
a. tense
d.sentence structure
e. mechanical devices

a. tense

which of the following places for finding an employer is the best place for a recent college grad to start?
a. classified ds
b. employment agencies
c. personal network of contactss
d. prospecting
e. college career center

e. college career center

which of the following would not be part of the conventional organizational headings in a resume?
a. experience
b. specialized training
c. intrests, activities, or honors
d. salary history
e. education

d. salary history

even the invited covere letter has a need for gaining attention in the opening T OR F

a. true

the ideal action close in a cover letter is one that asks for the job T OR F

b. false

writing thank you message after the interview singles you out from the competition and shows your continued interest in the job T OR F

a. true

since one has no idea what willbe asked, it would be foolish to prepare for a job interview T OR F

b. false

the use of talking headings tends to lessen the chance that monotonous repetition of words will occur T OR F


objective writing is writing that stresses facts rather than the writers opinions, biases, and attitudesT OR F


writing in impersonal style means writing with an emphasis on the first and second person T OR F


the report form used primarily for routine reporting within an organization is the
a. letter report
b. short informational report
c. progress report
d. memorandom report
e. long analytical report

d.memorandum report

the pages preceding the report proper of a long fromal report are properly called:
a. introductory parts
b. preview parts
c. prefatory parts
d. addenda parts
e. orientation pages

c. prefatory parts

T OR F LARs may be written either in the deductive or inductive order


the table of contents is the report outline in finished form with page numbers T OR F


because it is more involved a LAR typically requires more coherence aids than a short report T OR F


which of the following statements best defines the scope of a report
a. goal
b. purpose
c. collateral objectives
d. boundaries of the problem

d.boundaries of the problem

the main reason for using graphics in reports is to make the reports more attractive T OR F

b. false

the chart form that is best to show changes of a continuous series of data over time is the
A. line chart
b. subdivided bar chart
c. pie chart
d. multiple bar chart
e. range chart

a. line chart

message situations that are clearly good news appropriately are written in the indirect order T OR F


numbering questions in a routine inquiry message is both a commendable and acceptable practice T OR F

a. true

some situations exist in which it is acceptale to write a refusal in the direct orderT OR F


the opening words in a refusal message should indicate clearly that you are responding to the request T OR F


in an afjutment refusal message the best place to state the refusal is
a. the early in the opning sentence so as not tantalize the reaser
b. immediately following the explanation that justifies it
c. at the end of the message following the detailed supporting reasons
d. at the beginning of the last paragraph following the supporting reasons
e. art the end of the first paragraph following the introduction of the situation

b. immediately following the explanation that justifies it

a logical first step in sales writing is to study the product or service you are selling and your prospects b. immediately following the explanation that justifies it


the close in a sales message
a. needs to be off the subject
b.needs to urge action
c. thanks the reader for taking the time to read the message
d. asks the reader to tread the enclosure

b.needs to urge action

when a number begins a sentence it should be spelled out b.needs to urge action


mark the incorrect form of possessiveness's
b. texas's
c. Mary's
d. Her's
e. Bill's

d. Her's

The printed heading on a stationary is called the inside address T or F


subsequent pages of a letter should be typed on letterhead stationary T or F


when using mixed punctuation, the salutation is followed by a colon and the close by a comma T or F


indented paragraphs are characteristics of the:
a. block style
b.modified style
c. semi block style
d. simplified style
e. official style

c. semi block style

writers unaware of the gender of the receivers name shoud address the inside address and job salutation as follows:
a. job title
b. sirs or sir
c. ma'am or ms.
d. to whom it may concen
e. given name followed by the surname

e. given name followed by the surname

according to the gregg reference manual, a business letter has four part and a variety of optional features T or F


force majeure

an act of god

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