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Marcus and Sextus wanted to dine with Uncle Titus. But Cornelius ordered them to return home. Cornelius remained in the Forum.

Marcus et Sextus cum patruo Tito cenare volebant. Sed Cornelius eos domum redire iusserat. Cornelius in Foro mansit.

After the dinner, the boys in the garden were sitting. Suddenly they heard fiercely barking dogs. Cornelia appeared with the three dogs in the garden.

Post cenam, pueri in horto sedebant. Subito canes latrantes ferociter audiverunt Cornelia cum tribus canibus in horto apparuit.

Immediately Sextus fled. Marcus greeted Cornelia and held out a hand to the dogs.

Statim fugit Sextus. Marcus Corneliam salutavit et ad canes manum extendit.

Cornelia, "Look, Sextus! There is no danger! Uncle Titus sent the dogs to us. Now I will always have friends when you and Marcus will have gone to the city without me.

Cornelia, "Ecce, Sexte! Nulum est periculum! Patruus Titus canes ad nos misit. Nunc ego semper amicos habebo ubi tu et Marcus ad urbem sine me iveritis.

Now we will always have guards!"
Marcus, "Indeed! We will have our three barking guards."
Sextus said nothing.

Nunc nos semper custodies habebimus!"
Marcus, "Ita vero! Nos tres custodies latrantes habebimus!"
Sextus nihil dixit.

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