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organisms that need oxygen to survive


Organisms that live in the absence of oxygen

Binary fission

Method of reproduction by which a single cell divides into two separate cells


The study of life


A protein that speeds up a reaction; reducing the amount of energy needed to make that action; a biological catalyst.

Facultative anaerobe

an organism that can live with or without oxygen


The ability to reproduce asexually


MIcroorganisms, not visible without a microscope.


The study of microscopic organisms


Appearance and Grain stain characteristics of an organism; studying organism without studying the function of them


The substance that comprises bacterial cell walls, specifically of gram-negative or gram-positive microbes


Latin meaning "kind"


The science of classification and nomenclature of organisms


An entity by which infections are transferred, but the entity of transference does not have the disease and does not need to be living


Study of viruses


An organism that replicates by using the host's cell parts, including DNA, ribosomes and proteins

Spontaneous generation

The idea that some organisms were generated from other organisms or their by products

Robert Hooke

Invented the first microscope

Antoni van Leewenhoek

Created a more sophisticated microscope in 1674

The Five Kingdoms

Pnatae, Animalia, Fungi, Protista, Monera

Robert Whittaker

Conceived the idea of the Five Kingdoms

Entameoba histolytica

A parisitic organism that feeds on red blood cells.

Trichomonas vaginalis

A protazoan that causes infection in the urinary tract of males and females.

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