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Night Chapter 1 Questions

Describe the character: Moshe the Beadle
He is a bit of an awkward man, but he is kind and gentle nonetheless. He was Elie's teacher, he studied Talmud by day and Kabaula by night. He's Very religious, a foreign Jew, and lost his faith after his capture.
How old is Elie at the end of 1941?
Elie is twelve but was described as nearly thirteen.
Describe Elie's Family
His dad was well educated, unsentimental, cultivated, and respected within the community. The father doesn't pay much attention to his family. Elie had 3 sisters, Tzipora (seven years old), Hilda (teens), Bea (teens). His family owned a shop and were Jewish.
Explain how Moshe has changed
After his ordeal, he no longer smiled. Moshe became always jumpy and paranoid, as well as losing his faith in God.
What do you think Moshe the Beadle means when he says he has come to tell Elie the story of his death?
Moshe means the death of his old life. Meaning, what he had seen had changed his life completely. He feels as if he's already dead and has no desire to live on.
Why doesn't Elie's father request permits to Palestine so that the family can live in Sighet?
Elie's father believes he is too old and nothing will change.
What is viewed as "The Death's Head"?
The swastika on the helmets
What was the bad news that Elie's father had to tell the people of the ghetto communities?
The bad news is that the ghetto community is being deported. (moved from the ghetto)
How does Elie describe the ghetto once the people have been deported?
Elie describes it as an open tomb, and that homes were easily robbed.
Whom does Elie first begin to hate and why?
The first people Elie began to hate was the Hungarian police because they were very disrespectful to the Jews as they were being deported.