Night Chapter 2 Questions

What are the conditions like inside the cattle wagons?
The conditions are horrible, cramped and nervous. There is no room to sit, it's very hot and stinky.
Describe Madame Schachter's situation.
Madame Schachter was having dreams and visions of the future in concentration camps. She had been separated from her husband before the car.
What is it that Madame Schachter thinks she sees?
Believing she saw a giant fire, smoke, and a furnace, she began to scream.
What is the effect of Madame Schachter's screams on the passengers in the cattle wagon?
The people in the car with her got annoyed and began to beat her when she wouldn't shut up.
Why do you think the reaction of Madame Schachter's son upset Elie so much?
Elie had never seen an adult so upset that she wouldn't listen to her own son and it scared him.
What is the final destination of the cattle wagons?
The cattle wagons arrive at Birkenau.