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  1. candida albicans
  2. organic compounds that cannot be synthesized and must be provided as a nutrient
  3. anthropophilic
  4. cyst form of cestode
  5. algae
  1. a oppotunisitic fungi
    lives on skin and mucous membranes (mouth, GI tract, and genitourinary tract
  2. b residing in human skin
  3. c cysticerci
  4. d growth factor
  5. e photosynthetic
    not pathogenic
    animal tissues relatively inhospitable generally

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  1. phyla aschehelminths
    elongated cylindrical non segmented body plan
    -have complete digestive system
    -most have separate distinct sexes
  2. sporothrix schenckii (dimorphic fungus)
  3. combines w/ membrane sterols and causes leaks
  4. easily by air , water and animals
  5. ciliates
    hair bearers
    move via cilia

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  1. intestinal/luminal sacrodinaamebiasis


  2. common hermaphroditc diseasesonchocerciasis (river blindness)
    visceral larval migrans
    filariasis (elephantiasis)


  3. 2 catagories of sporeshaploid spores formed on the outside of club-like cells


  4. intestinal/luminal mastigophora diseasesgiardiasis


  5. PAM treatmenttrophozoite rounds up into sphere and secretes a tough thick cuticle around cell membrane (not as good/tough as a spore)