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  1. superficial/cutaneous
  2. allergy suffers gut flora differences
  3. respiratory tract bacteria
  4. chaga's disease
  5. transverse fission
  1. a ciliphora
  2. b picked up through inhalation of air
    -mostly staph
  3. c dermatophytes classified according to natural habitats
    -these are most infectious/transmittable
    -transferred by indirect or direct contact(spores left behind)
  4. d with allergies have-
    higher chances of having harmful species
    -C difficile and S aureus
    lower prevalence
    -bacteriodes and bifidobacteria
  5. e caused by tyrpansoma cruzi
    transmitted by bite of assasin/kissing bugs
    organism reproduces in tissues and can spread through body via blood stream

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  1. 2 parental nuclei fuse and meiosis occurs
    allows for genetic diversity
  2. missing catalase and/or SOD, never use O2 w/ETC, in in O@ environments- toxic
  3. filaments known as hyphae (long thread like cells)
    can be separate (w/partitions) or nonseparate (no inner partitions)
  4. caused by free living SOIL and water organism
    Naegleria fowleri
    access to brain thorugh nasal passages
    patient will die w/in 10 days if infection not treated
  5. intravenous suramin sodium

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  1. fungi as a group can breakdownlack the genetic and metabolic mechanisms to syn all org cmpnds they need


  2. traditional taxonmic classificationsbased on how they move


  3. do parasitic fingi existhost provides parasite with nutrients and habitat
    -mutliplication of parasite generally harmful to host to some extent


  4. apicocomplexia blood/tissues diseasesmalaria


  5. what do polyene class of antibiotics doyes
    use living animal or plant as its source of organic material