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  1. keratinase
  2. conjugation using micronuclei
  3. 3rd exposure
  4. multiplication of molds
  5. trematodes(flukes) types
  1. a apical elongation
    asexual spore formation
    sexual spore formation
  2. b ciliophora
  3. c 8-12 hours following birth
    -colonized by strep-staph and lactobacilli
  4. d hermaphroditic or sexual
    small flat leaflike worms that infest various body regions
  5. e dissolves principle components of hair and skin

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  1. onchocerciasis (river blindness)
    visceral larval migrans
    filariasis (elephantiasis)
  2. caused by trichomoniasis vaginalis
    trophozoite stage
    sexually transmitted
    can be transferred from infected objects- can't prove sexual abuse- i.e. shared towel defense
  3. caused by toxoplasma gondii
    contracted from animal contaminated objects
    or contaminated undercooked pork containing cyst
    (often carried by cats)
  4. ciliates
    hair bearers
    move via cilia
  5. 2-3 days- infected area begins to itch
    day 4 formation of a chancre
    week or 2 latter: organism detectable in blood stream

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  1. binary transverse fissiondna replication
    chromosome segregation


  2. amebic keratitismimics fungal nail infections


  3. zygosporesdiploid spore formed from the fusion of hyphae from opposite strains


  4. pathogenicitypork or beef tapeworm


  5. trichomoniasis treatmentmetronidazole