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  1. fungi nutritional requirements
  2. predominant flora in large intestine
  3. issues with algae
  4. saprobes
  5. prototheca
  1. a anaerobic
  2. b all are heterotrophic
    and acquires nutrients from a wide variety of organic materials
  3. c produce mild toxins that are concentrated by other organisms that feed on them
    -gives humans problems when they eat the organisms that concentrted the toxins
    -most are heat stable
  4. d exception above the rule
    non-photosynthetic alga
    associated with skin and subcutaneous infections(but generally mild and self limiting)
  5. e most fungi are____
    acquires nutrients from remnants of dead plants and animals

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  1. 2 or more free-living organisms that benefit for living in relationship -but is not necessary for survival
  2. extracellular enzymes
    -inflict damage on host tissues and dissolve defensive defensive barriers
  3. scolex
    contains hooks and suckers
  4. in groove called a schist along the male for most of their lives
  5. phyla playhelminths
    very thin
    segmented body plan

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  1. respiratory tract bacteriapicked up through inhalation of air
    -mostly staph


  2. protozoansphyla playhelminths
    very thin
    segmented body plan


  3. mycosesinfections from invasive actions of fungus
    rarely directly communicable
    classification based on how deep it spreads


  4. dimorphicsgrow as yeast around 37 degrees
    grow as molds at lower temperatures


  5. sacrodinaamebas
    move via formation of pseudopodia


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