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  1. candida albicans
  2. respiratory tract bacteria
  3. acquistion of normal flora
  4. most common systemic among immunocompromised
  5. microaerophilic
  1. a uterus is sterile until just prior to birth
  2. b candidiasis
    pnsumocystis carnii pneumonia(PCP)
  3. c oppotunisitic fungi
    lives on skin and mucous membranes (mouth, GI tract, and genitourinary tract
  4. d picked up through inhalation of air
    -mostly staph
  5. e back of throat/jar w/ candle
    live in regions with less oxygen than atmosphere

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  1. giardia lamblia
    cyst stage-ingested usually from water supply by feces contamination
    trophozoite stage- attaches to lumen of lower intestine
  2. b/w fingers and toes
    umbillical cord stump
  3. dermatophyte phylum
  4. corynebacteria
  5. superoxide radicals--> hydrogen peroxide and oxygen

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  1. encystmentstage forms when conditions in environmetn are unsuitable for growth/feeding


  2. diphyllobothriasisfish tapeworm


  3. dominant species of dry areasb-proteobacteria


  4. african sleeping sickness symptomsheadaches, joint pain, malaise and enlarged lymph nodes
    next stage: insomnia, irratiability, personality changes, decreasing mental acuity and CNS fx
    final stages: convulsions and sleep like coma


  5. hermaphroditic flukesmed temp
    10-50 deg C