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  1. blood/tissue mastigophora diseases
  2. flatworms types
  3. amebic keratitis
  4. most common systemic among immunocompromised
  5. fungi easily transmittable human to human
  1. a cestodes
  2. b dermatophyte phylum
  3. c mimics fungal nail infections
  4. d candidiasis
    pnsumocystis carnii pneumonia(PCP)
  5. e african sleeping sickness

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  1. nostrils
    on the back
  2. superoxide radicals--> hydrogen peroxide and oxygen
  3. amatoxin caused by Claviceps Purpurea
    -human disease resulting from the ingestion of mold contaminated grain
    -mycotoxin causes degeneration of capillaries
    and neurological impairment
    -symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, thirst, hallucinations, high fever, convulsions, gangrene, and sometimes death
  4. missing catalase and/or SOD, never use O2 w/ETC, in in O@ environments- toxic
  5. haploid spores created in a sac

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  1. yeastconsidered a commensal fungi


  2. mycotoxicosesfrom ingestion of soluble metabolic products that are toxic to the system
    ~350 species produce mycotoxins


  3. chromomycoses causative agentpigmented soil fungi


  4. spores carried byeasily by air , water and animals


  5. african sleeping sickness infection timeline2-3 days- infected area begins to itch
    day 4 formation of a chancre
    week or 2 latter: organism detectable in blood stream