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  1. primary amebic meningioencephalitis
  2. 2nd exposure
  3. catalase
  4. cysticerosis
  5. what is most common nematode infecion in the US
  1. a during birth
    -bacteria of birth canal
  2. b caused by free living SOIL and water organism
    Naegleria fowleri
    access to brain thorugh nasal passages
    patient will die w/in 10 days if infection not treated
  3. c human tapeworm
  4. d hydrogen peroxide--> water and oxygen
  5. e pin worm- enterobiasis

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  1. caused by sequestering of hosts nutrients
    excreting toxic wastes
    mechanical blockage (when infections become massive)
  2. production of protective proteins that are toxic to other closely related bacteria--> exotoxin
  3. pigmented soil fungi
  4. hermaphroditic or sexual
    small flat leaflike worms that infest various body regions
  5. obligatory but mutually beneficial

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  1. protozoa reproductiongroin area


  2. trophozoiteunicellular eukaryotes
    mainly as free living organism in water(fresh) and sometimes soil
    some are normal flora for animals and humans
    -few act as parasites
    -all lack a cell wall


  3. thermophilecold loving bacteria
    less than 15 deg C


  4. transmissibilityciliphora


  5. toxoplasmosis dangerinvolved in locomotion, feeding and protection