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  1. traditional taxonmic classifications
  2. mycetoma causative agent
  3. how do fungi acquire nutrients
  4. cestode clincal injury
  5. hyaluranidase
  1. a penetrating substrate to which they are attached
    produce enzymes to reduce that substrate
    molecules then absorbed through diffusion
  2. b digests hyaluranic acid- holds cells together
  3. c based on how they move
  4. d caused by sequestering of hosts nutrients
    excreting toxic wastes
    mechanical blockage (when infections become massive)
  5. e various soil fungus or actinomycetes
    madurella grisea
    actinomadura madurae

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  1. heterotrophs
    generally acquire food in complex molecules
    free-living species feed off dead plant or animal debris or graze on love cells of bateria or algae
  2. tapeworms
    ribbon like segmented worms
    primarily intestinal parasites
    -absorb nutrients straight through cuticle
    -no digestive system
  3. staph aureus and epidermidis (5%)
    actinobacteria(51.8 %)
    firmicutes (24.4 %)
    proteobacteria (16.5%)
    bactereodetes (6.3%)
  4. 2 layers
    ecto and endo
  5. strep
    -every region of your mouth make s diff micro-organism habitat

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  1. size of inoculum/infectious dosemin # of bacteria or virus needed to cause infection


  2. asexual sporesfrom mitotic division


  3. primary amebic meningioencephalitisscalp


  4. strict anaerobechronic, non-healing
    generally localized infections
    dev'l generally following skin trauma


  5. cysticerosislocalized abscess, usually on feet
    discharges pus, serum and blood through aabnormal channels (sinsuses)
    can spread deeper to bone causing deformities
    -not uncommon among diabetics
    -i.e. elephant feet