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  1. sexual flukes (Schistosomes)
  2. sacrodina
  3. ectoplasm
  4. cytoplasm
  5. aerobe
  1. a amebas
    move via formation of pseudopodia
  2. b must have oxygen
    (minimal fermentation)
    run ETC- oxygen only final electron acceptor
  3. c lifecycle simialr- but only one intermediate snail host
    -humans acquire through contaminated water, or direct skin pentration
    -have defined male and female versions
  4. d 2 layers
    ecto and endo
  5. e involved in locomotion, feeding and protection

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  1. dissolves mucous
  2. lowest temp at which growth occurs
  3. athletes foot
  4. if remains at surface: lesion at point of entry
    in bloodstream: can infect heart tissue and cause enlarged heart and caridac arrest
  5. b-proteobacteria

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  1. flatwormsphyla aschehelminths
    elongated cylindrical non segmented body plan
    -have complete digestive system
    -most have separate distinct sexes


  2. protozoa feeding mechanismsoral grooves- sweep food particles into passageway or gullet
    packages food into vacuoles for digestion
    -or absorption of food through membrane


  3. multiple fissionsporozoea


  4. primary amebic meningioencephalitiscaused by free living SOIL and water organism
    Naegleria fowleri
    access to brain thorugh nasal passages
    patient will die w/in 10 days if infection not treated


  5. collagenasedigests connective tissue