50 terms

Aseptic technique

____ means microbes and infection are absent
the number of microbes or organic debris that exist at a given time is referred to as ____
methods used to prevent contamination of the sterile field are referred to as
sterile technique
which term is used to describe "the multiplication of organisms in tissue"?
Escherichia coli normally resides in the lumen of the
Bacilli are typically found to be in the shape of
bacteria that require oxygen to sustain life are called
which pathogen leads in the percentage of surgical site infections?
nonliving particleStaphylococcus aureus
a nonliving particle that is completely reliant on the host cell for survivalis called a____.
a bloodborne pathogen that puts healthcare workers at particular risk is _____.
Hepatitis C
a surgica procedure involving perforated viscera is classififed as a ______.
class IV, dirty wound
most surgica infections occur because because of____.
contamination during the procedure
infection contracted within the health care setting is known as
sterile items and individuals may
contact steile items
fluid bottles may be recapped and reused under what conditions?
none: the bottle may not be recapped
the basis for the practice of strict adherence to sterile technique is called
surgical conscience
the physical removal of blood and body fluids or gross debris from an inanimate object is called_____.
mechanical cleaning
filtered air from the decontamination room is exhausted to the
outside of the health care facility
detergent selection is primarily based on the
type of instrument to be cleaned
when stainless steel instruments are manually cleaned a ______should be used to avoid scratching the surface of the instrument
back and forth motion
what is a limitation of using water as a presoaking solution?
ineffective at removing dried debris
a catalyst used to aid in the breakdown of organic material such as blood and tissue is a
the type of chemical cleaner that is least corrosive to surgical instruments is a
neutral pH product
thw ulrasonic washer is an example of a
mechanical decontamination unit
the _____ is used to remove small organic particles and soil from areas of instruments that are difficult to clean manually
ultrasonic washer
to avoid damage, stainless steel instruments should NOTbe placed next to ______in the washer sterilizer.
instruments made from other metals
at the end of the washer sterilizationcycle, instruments are NOT considered
appropriate for use on the patient
low-level disinfection may be appropriate for
noncritical items
pyhsical factors that effect efficiency of disinfection are
temperature, gross debris, bioburden
to prevent the formation of condensate in nested basins(double basin) what must be done?
seperate the basins with a towel
microbes that live on the skin and inside the human body are feferred to as
the term used to describe when both organisms benefit from and depend on one another to a certain extent is known as
when one organism benefits and the host is harmed is known as
E. coli in the intestines produces
vitamin B
bacteria divide by a process called
binary fission
bacteria that reside naturally within the human body and cause no disease unless the opportunity arises are known as
bacteria are identified by the shape and form they assume. which of the following is the shape and form of streptococci?
chain of round bacteria
Staphylococci can be identified by a
cluster of bacteria
bacteria is also classified by its need for oxygen and carbon dioxide. which type of bacteria grow best in high concentration of carbon dioxide?
which classificaton is given to bacteria that can survive in an environment with or without oxygen?
facultative anaerobes
which would be best suited for reprocessing surgical instruments exposed to clostridium?
which is the most commonly transmitted bacteria in the operating room?
Staphylococcus aureus
which bacteria can be found as common flora of the skin, hair, and nose?
Staphyloccus aureus
which microorganism is capable of causing endocarditis?
Staphylococcus epidermidis
which microorganism is capable of causing osteomyelitis?
staphylococcus aureus
which microorganism is capable of causeing post-op surgical site infection?
staphylococcus aureus
which microorganism is capable of causing an UTI?
Straphylococcus epidermidis
which microorganism is responsible for causing otitis media?
streptococcus pneumoniae
which microorganism is responsible for causing necrotizing fasciitis?
streptococcus pyogenes
which microorganism is responsible for causing pelvic inflammatory disease?
neisseria gonorrhoeae