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Who is the narrator of this story?


Why do you think Ponyboy likes movies so much?

He likes the movies because it makes him forget about all of the bad things going on and clear his mind, gets into the movie

What happens to Ponyboy when he leaves the movies?

He gets jumped by Socs

The greasers chase the Socs away from Ponyboy using what?


How does Ponyboy describe "family"?

The gang, brothers, people he grew up with who always had each others back and can count on each other

What is a Soc?

A "social", from rich, better side of town, socially higher, "well to do"

What is a greaser?

poor, social outcast, lower class

Why are greasers and Socs rivals?

They are different, look and act differently

Socs are known for wearing what?

Madras (plaid shirts)

What is the name of the other greaser gang?

Tim Shepherd's gang

Who does Ponyboy live with?

His two brothers, Sodapop and Darry

What kind of relationship does Ponyboy have with his two brothers Darry and Sodapop?

Sodapop- get along well, soda is fun to be around, nice, likes to have fun and mess around

Darry- he is strict in Ponyboy, get in fights, they are not as close

Who does Ponyboy love more than anyone else?


What sport did Darry play in school?


Where does Sodapop work?

A gas station

Why is Sodapop so popular with the girls?

He is "movie star handsome", like a "greek god"

Who is Soda's girlfriend?


Darry tells Ponyboy "you've always got your nose in a book, but do you ever use your head for common sense?"

What is the difference between book sense and common sense?

Which is more important?

Book sense is being smart and good in school or work, common sense is more like street smart which would be important in a fight

Book sense is more important. You can go father and have a better life if you are smart, a fight will not solve anything.

How does Ponyboy describe each of the other characters?

Johnny Cade- 16, pet of the gang, runt of pack, no one care about him accept for the gang

Steve-17, Soda's best friend, tall and lean, doesn't like Pony because he thinks that Pony is a tag-a-long, works at gas station with Soda

Dallas Winston (Dally)- Darkest character of all,first jailed at 10, tough, elfish face, high cheekbones and pointed chin, small sharp animal teeth, ears like a lynx, hair was so blonde it was almost white, blue eyes

Two-Bit (Keith Matthews)- Oldest in the gang, funny, crazy, jokester, likes to shoplift, clown, lives with mom and sister, loved by mother, father left him and family, most prized possession is the black handled switch blade (took 2 house to steal)

Which characters does Ponyboy seem to be closest to?

Sodapop and Johnny

Ponyboy says the Socs have their cars and clothes. What do the greasers have?

Their hair

What happened to Pony's parents?

Died 8 months earlier

What are the benefits of writing a story in first person?

More personal, see their story, enables the reader to connect with the main character better

Why do you think the author begins her story with Ponyboy being jumped?

It sets a tone of violence/fear/danger and foreshadowing fighting

Why does the author set it up so that Ponyboy get along with one brother but has problems with the other brother?

How they deal with loyalties

Who were Pony and Johnny expecting to meet at the movies?


Who do Ponyboy and Johnny meet at the movies?

Cherry and Marcia

Why do Cherry and Marcia talk to Johnny and Ponyboy at the movies?

Curiosity about the other side, they are nice, make them feel safe, did not hit on them

What is Ponyboy's first impression of Cherry and Marcia?

They were pretty. Prettier and smarter than greaser girls. Classy

Why is Johnny Cade so nervous and scared all the time?

He got beat up badly by the Socs

Do the greasers like being called greasers?

Only by other greasers

What is the difference between a fair fight and a rough fight?

A fair fight is only fists and a rough fight has weapons

How do the greasers fight?


How do the Socs fight?


Why does Ponyboy feel he greasers have it so much worse than the Socs?

The greasers are poor and have rough backgrounds,
Socs are rich, spoiled, have good grades, girls, nice houses and clothes, and entertain themselves by jumping Socs

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