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  1. marcus aurelius
  2. martyr
  3. zhou dynasty
  4. trojan war
  5. peloponnesian league
  1. a War between the Myceneans and the Trojans which historians believe that the war was started since the Trojans controlled the trading straits connecting the Medditeranean and Black seas, but according to legend Paris kidnapped the Spartan king's wife and took her to troy and the war started to get Helen back and the stolen goods
  2. b right after the Shang Dynasty, king justified his victory as gaining the Mandate of heaven. To control a large territory, king gave land to trusted nobles which they could govern as long as they in turn owed loyalty and support to the king, but towards the end of the dynasty, fighting broke out between the feudal states since lords tried to conquer other states and even tried to become king. There were also better weapons invented and peasant revolts
  3. c league created by Sparta to counter the power of Athens
  4. d stoic emperor of Rome who faced inflation, invaders from the north, and east Rome disapproving of his rule
  5. e a person who dies for his beliefs

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  1. ruler of Qin dynasty, leader of Qin state before he united china
  2. indo-european people who conquered greek mainland and Minoans who were ruled by warrior kings with large fortresses
  3. one owing another money, being in debt
  4. sea god, father of cyclopse, makes journey home hard for odysseus
  5. Spartan ruler, told by the oracles that the laws he created would lead to a strong state

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  1. helenwife of Spartan king and the most beautiful woman in the world who Aphrodite promises to Paris


  2. dracomay be legend, rule and laws were harsh, punishment usually death, allows anyone owning their own armor and weapons to have a vote, also passed a law that debtors would have to sell themselves into slavery to work off debt


  3. hannibaltook power by military force, solves economic issues solon did not by creating jobs with building projects ,also increased power of the assembly


  4. the illiadblind prophet who tells Oedipus that he is the real killer of Laius and hat Laius is his father and he is married to his mother Antigone: tells Creon to listen to his son or the people will revolt and he will face tragedy (the importance of a boy to lead the way)


  5. tribes10 social and political groups in which Cleisthenes separated the Athenians