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  1. paul
  2. athena
  3. senate
  4. lyceum
  5. tyranny
  1. a originally Saul, god spoke to him and converted him to Christianity
  2. b 300 appointed officials who are a council that make laws and serve for life
  3. c system of government where a ruler gains power by force
  4. d also thinks she's the fairest so she offers paris victory in battle
  5. e school founded by Aristotle

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  1. 5-13 men leading Spartan council who were in charge of military (declaring war), infant selection (which babies were deemed healthy), education, etc.
  2. king of Thebes who does not let Antigone bury one of brothers (who he says was a traitor) and later sentences Antigone to death (he actually ends up letting Antigone go even though she hung herself because of the people's disapproval) and does not let his son Heamon marry Antigone which causes his son to kill himself which causes his wife to kill herself (in Oedipus Creon banishes Oedipus)
  3. used in the Zhou dynasty, system of government in which local lords were given land of their own to govern themselves and in turn owed military service and loyalty to the king as well as money, labor, or anything else to support the king when needed
  4. used by Aristotle, two statements leading to an obvious truth.

    Example: Every Greek is a human. Every human is a mortal. Therefore, every human is a mortal.
  5. god of the underworld

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  1. monarchya government in which a king or queen exercises central power


  2. claudiusadded new territory including Britain, public works projects, served as a judge but often fell asleep during trials


  3. infanticidepractice of leaving unhealthy or undesired babies to die on hillside (Athens-husband decides whether or not to keep the baby, usually done to girls since they were less desirable) Sparta- babies were checked by the government to see if they were healthy, if not unhealthy babies would be left to die


  4. democracygovernment by the people


  5. spartacity-state centered on creating strong warriors