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  1. nero
  2. helot
  3. Phillip II
  4. senate
  5. shi huangdi
  1. a term for Spartan slaves
  2. b ended secret treason trials, allowed slaves to file complaints against their masters, tried to kill his mother then hired assassin, accused of setting fire to rome and blamed and then executed Christians, wore disguises and stole from his people, and wouldnot let anybody leave the theatre during his brilliant acting (some people jumped over the walls to get away)
  3. c ruler of Qin dynasty, leader of Qin state before he united china
  4. d 300 appointed officials who are a council that make laws and serve for life
  5. e king of Macedonia, when younger he was sent as a hostage to Thebes for three years to keep peace between Macedonia and Thebes where he learned about Greek society, politics, and military tactics and training, used the phalanx, sarissas, and a cavalry to create a strong army ,conquers the rest of Greece from victory at the Battle of Chearonea. To keep the Greeks loyal and involved, he establishes the League of Corinth (representatives from each Polis get final say in his decisions) and allows each polis to keep their land and rule themselves (did not even have to pay, but they were required to contribute soldiers) His dream was to conquer Persia and he got approval from the League of Corinth. At the end of his life, he reconciles with his son Alexander and was assassinated at his daughter's wedding

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  1. supreme and most powerful god, originally chosen to judge who is the fairest but chooses Paris since Zeus can't win in that situation
  2. the founder of the legendary Xia dynasty who tamed the water of the yellow river by building canals, working for 13 years nonstop, even passing by his home 3 times and never visiting. Yu was widely respected for his devotion to duty
  3. gets power from areopagus because of threats to revolt, ends debt and outlaws slavery for debt, lets every citizen become a member of the assembly and serve as jurors
  4. king of Thebes who does not let Antigone bury one of brothers (who he says was a traitor) and later sentences Antigone to death (he actually ends up letting Antigone go even though she hung herself because of the people's disapproval) and does not let his son Heamon marry Antigone which causes his son to kill himself which causes his wife to kill herself (in Oedipus Creon banishes Oedipus)
  5. alliance created by Athens and other poleis after Persian wars to help Athens rebuild (each polis is required to contribute money and once in the league, Athens does not let them out) (headquarters on the island of delos)

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  1. mercinariesforeign warriors hired to serve in an army when there is a shortage of soldiers


  2. acupuncturean advance in medicine during the Han Golden Age in which the doctor inserts needles under the skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat illness


  3. Aristotlea group of 12 close followers recruited by Jesus


  4. imperiumJie's concubine who had Jie create a lake of wine and ordered 3000 of his men to drink it dry ( they did not drink it dry since they drowned in the process)


  5. lyceumalso thinks she's the fairest so she offers paris victory in battle


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