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  1. aphrodite
  2. dynastic cycle
  3. Darius I
  4. gaius gracchus
  5. marc antony
  1. a involved in second triumvirate, allied with Cleopatra and fought Octavian, killed himself when he receives news that Cleopatra has killed herself
  2. b daughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty, chosen since she offered paris the love of Helen
  3. c to solve economic problems says that government should give land to poor in newly conquered areas, while out of the country, the senate gets another candidate to run and make greater promises so he loses the election
  4. d Persian king defeated and conquered by Alexander the Great, attacked Athens after giving aid to rebellious city states in Ionia under Persian control (Athenians with the help of 300 Spartans defeat the Persians)
  5. e the rise and fall of dynasties. As long as the society provided a good government, it kept the mandate of heaven, but if the rulers became weak or corrupt, the mandate of heaven would be lost since heaven no longer would support the dynasty (Zhou dynasty)

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  1. practice of leaving unhealthy or undesired babies to die on hillside (Athens-husband decides whether or not to keep the baby, usually done to girls since they were less desirable) Sparta- babies were checked by the government to see if they were healthy, if not unhealthy babies would be left to die
  2. school founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials
  3. epic written by Homer in which Odysseus lands on the island of the Cyclopse and angers Polyphemus, the cyclopse he intrudes on and the pokes his eye out to escape and return home (more explanation on questions)
  4. established by Ceasar Augustus, 200 years of relative peace
  5. also thinks she's the fairest so she offers paris victory in battle

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  1. mandate of heaventhe divine right to rule, usually mandate of heaven is lost when gods are angry and mandate fades when there are natural disasters, poor economy, and invasion. When a new ruler takes over, that ruler has gained the mandate of heaven since he has been chosen by the gods (Zhou dynasty)


  2. xia dynastyoverthrew Qin dynasty and followed the ideas of Confucianism


  3. antigone playthe complete control of a product or business by a single person or group, in this case, the Han government (Han China)


  4. myceneanspeaceful people on the island of Crete who based their economy on trading


  5. mo xiGreek word for city, also a Greek city-state (after about 750 B.C.) which was built on two levels, the acropolis being the high hilltop which was were temples were built and the walled city was below


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