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  1. debtor
  2. lecretia
  3. academy
  4. solon
  5. consuls
  1. a one owing another money, being in debt
  2. b ideal Roman woman who was loved for her kindness, beauty, and character, killed herself after being raped by the son of the Etruscan king (who threatened to kill her if she told)
  3. c school founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials
  4. d 2 officials that can veto one another, serve for one year, run the government and armies, and choose a dictator if the need arises
  5. e gets power from areopagus because of threats to revolt, ends debt and outlaws slavery for debt, lets every citizen become a member of the assembly and serve as jurors

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  1. limited citizenship to males born to Athenian parents+ paid jurors and gov. officials so poor people could afford to leave family and work
  2. ruler of Qin dynasty, leader of Qin state before he united china
  3. lower class of farmers, merchants, etc. who were forbidden to marry patricians
  4. Egyptian queen who killer her brother and sister for control of Egypt and allied herself with Ceasar and Antony
  5. epic written by Homer in which Hector goes to fight Achilles against the will of his parents and ends up being killed because of his pride but predicts that Paris and Apollo will kill Achilles (more explanation on questions)

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  1. lycurgusSpartan ruler, told by the oracles that the laws he created would lead to a strong state


  2. confuciousfounder of confucianism, previously a teacher


  3. the new dynastyrestores peace and appoints officials, redistributes land to peasants, repairs defensive walls, and builds infrastructure. After several generations, the dynasty begins to age


  4. hadeshandsome mortal chosen to judge who is the fairest out of the goddesses


  5. eurydicedaughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty, chosen since she offered paris the love of Helen