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  1. teiresias
  2. warring states period
  3. romulus
  4. pisistratus
  5. palace at knossos
  1. a in the late Zhou dynasty, the dynasty begins to decline, several major feudal lords try to rule, better weapons were made so peasants can be armed and used in battle, time of warfare and philosophy (Confucianism ,Legalism, and Daoism). Basically, in te warring states period, the dynasty is declining, the feudal lords are fighting to conquer land, and some lead uprisings to try and overthrow the king so they can rule
  2. b blind prophet who tells Oedipus that he is the real killer of Laius and hat Laius is his father and he is married to his mother Antigone: tells Creon to listen to his son or the people will revolt and he will face tragedy (the importance of a boy to lead the way)
  3. c took power by military force, solves economic issues solon did not by creating jobs with building projects ,also increased power of the assembly
  4. d twin brother of Remus, ordered to be killed by Brutus, killed Remus and named the city after himself
  5. e Minoan palace which was ran like a business in which it housed the royal family, artisans, and other merchants since the economy and government based on trade and the walls were covered in watercolor frescoes

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  1. Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar, the three most powerful men at the time in alliance to increase power
  2. council of representatives from each polis that had final say in Phillip II's decisions
  3. civilization before Roman Republic, conquered by Romans, lived in the hills of Tuscany, use of metals, women held in higher regard, generally peaceful until the Lucretia conflict
  4. 10 social and political groups in which Cleisthenes separated the Athenians
  5. place or oracle

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  1. aegean seahome to the island of Crete which was great for trading


  2. second triumviratepractice of leaving unhealthy or undesired babies to die on hillside (Athens-husband decides whether or not to keep the baby, usually done to girls since they were less desirable) Sparta- babies were checked by the government to see if they were healthy, if not unhealthy babies would be left to die


  3. parishandsome mortal chosen to judge who is the fairest out of the goddesses


  4. helenwife of Spartan king and the most beautiful woman in the world who Aphrodite promises to Paris


  5. myceneansindo-european people who conquered greek mainland and Minoans who were ruled by warrior kings with large fortresses