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  1. hades
  2. jesus
  3. remus
  4. zhou dynasty
  5. poseidon
  1. a god of the underworld
  2. b twin brother of Romulus
  3. c Jew from Nazareth (son of God) who founded Christianity
  4. d sea god, father of cyclopse, makes journey home hard for odysseus
  5. e right after the Shang Dynasty, king justified his victory as gaining the Mandate of heaven. To control a large territory, king gave land to trusted nobles which they could govern as long as they in turn owed loyalty and support to the king, but towards the end of the dynasty, fighting broke out between the feudal states since lords tried to conquer other states and even tried to become king. There were also better weapons invented and peasant revolts

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  1. foreign warriors hired to serve in an army when there is a shortage of soldiers
  2. Hebrew word for savior, Jesus was the messiah
  3. wife of Zeus, one of the goddesses who thinks she's the fairest and offers to give Paris power
  4. added new territory including Britain, public works projects, served as a judge but often fell asleep during trials
  5. 5-13 men leading Spartan council who were in charge of military (declaring war), infant selection (which babies were deemed healthy), education, etc.

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  1. polisphilosophy of Plato, we actually do not know what we are seeing since we are slaves to our senses which are limited, each soul holds perfect knowledge of forms, but to be born each soul must brink from Lethe, the river of forgetfulness and the souls that drink the least see most clearly


  2. dracooriginally Saul, god spoke to him and converted him to Christianity


  3. oddysseusson of Laius and Jocasta, also the wife of Jocasta (and the Father/brother of Antigone)


  4. five social relationshipsConfucian principal which encourages people to accept their place in society none of the relationships are equal relationships except for friend to friend. The superior is to care for the younger and teach them while the younger is to be loyal and respectful (late zhou dynasty)

    • Father to son
    • Older brother to younger brother
    • Husband to wife (women were to provide order and stability in the home which came out of the correct behavior)
    • Ruler to subject
    • Friend to friend


  5. diocletianRoman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians