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  1. tiberius gracchus
  2. five social relationships
  3. nero
  4. aegean sea
  5. philosopher king
  1. a ended secret treason trials, allowed slaves to file complaints against their masters, tried to kill his mother then hired assassin, accused of setting fire to rome and blamed and then executed Christians, wore disguises and stole from his people, and wouldnot let anybody leave the theatre during his brilliant acting (some people jumped over the walls to get away)
  2. b to solve economic problems caused by the latifundia, he says that the government should limit land ownership to 310 acres and give the rest to the poor, making many landowners angry and was killed in a riot
  3. c ideal ruler according to Plato who rules by thought and action who is well trained in military training, philosophy, and math
  4. d Confucian principal which encourages people to accept their place in society none of the relationships are equal relationships except for friend to friend. The superior is to care for the younger and teach them while the younger is to be loyal and respectful (late zhou dynasty)

    • Father to son
    • Older brother to younger brother
    • Husband to wife (women were to provide order and stability in the home which came out of the correct behavior)
    • Ruler to subject
    • Friend to friend
  5. e home to the island of Crete which was great for trading

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  1. bones used by priests in Shang china to predict the future by carving questions on animal bones or turtle shells and burning them to find answers from the gods based on the cracks in the bones
  2. leader of the nomadic tribe of fierce warriors and experience riders who had conquered most of eastern Europe at the time (originally from Mongolia*)
  3. War between the Myceneans and the Trojans which historians believe that the war was started since the Trojans controlled the trading straits connecting the Medditeranean and Black seas, but according to legend Paris kidnapped the Spartan king's wife and took her to troy and the war started to get Helen back and the stolen goods
  4. home to the Minoan civilization and later conquered by the Myceneans
  5. school founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials

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  1. second triumvirateOctavian, Lepidus, and Antony formed to avenge the death of Caesar


  2. remustwin brother of Remus, ordered to be killed by Brutus, killed Remus and named the city after himself


  3. hadestwin brother of Romulus


  4. the new dynastyrestores peace and appoints officials, redistributes land to peasants, repairs defensive walls, and builds infrastructure. After several generations, the dynasty begins to age


  5. pisistratusraised by his uncle Pericles, wealthy general who served as an Athenian general in the Peloponnesian until he was forced to leave Athens after not showing for his trial to arrest him for vandalizing a statue of the messenger god Hermes when he was drunk then went to Sparta to serve as a general where he won them many battles. Alcibiades then fled Sparta after having an affair with the king's wife. Then he went to Persia since the Athenians had not lifted the death sentence that would confront him if he returned. Then he returned to Athens because the public had forgiven him and then once again switched allegiance to Sparta and then back to Athens when he attacked the Spartan fleet when the Spartans established their government in Athens. He was finally killed by assassins hired by Sparta to set his house in Asia Minor on fire. He escaped the house unarmed and the assassins ended up killing him with bows and arrows.