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  1. socratic method
  2. oligarchy
  3. antigone
  4. lycurgus
  5. scipio
  1. a general chosen to defeat Hannibal's forces who attacks Carthage so Hannibal had to go back to defend his homeland (in this war most of the generals were political appointees with little or no military training)
  2. b system of government I which the power is held by small, powerful elite
  3. c series of questions Socrates would ask people without giving them time to answer or think with the goal of frustrating people to the point of thinking for themselves
  4. d main character of play who buries her brother who is considered a traitor and put to death by Creon. Before she learns that she is free, she hangs herself.
  5. e Spartan ruler, told by the oracles that the laws he created would lead to a strong state

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  1. blind poet who wrote the illiad and the odyssey
  2. respect for parents (Confucius said this was to be a person's supreme duty)
  3. second romanemperor who allows free speech, increases the treasury 20 times, limits the cost of food, and was forced by his stepfather to marry Julia after divorcing his pregnant wife
  4. 300 appointed officials who are a council that make laws and serve for life
  5. sea god, father of cyclopse, makes journey home hard for odysseus

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  1. areopagustwin brother of Romulus


  2. aphroditedaughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty, chosen since she offered paris the love of Helen


  3. polyphemusCyclops who is defeated because of his pride


  4. the odysseyright after the Shang Dynasty, king justified his victory as gaining the Mandate of heaven. To control a large territory, king gave land to trusted nobles which they could govern as long as they in turn owed loyalty and support to the king, but towards the end of the dynasty, fighting broke out between the feudal states since lords tried to conquer other states and even tried to become king. There were also better weapons invented and peasant revolts


  5. mariusreformed the army by paying troops and outfitting them with standardized weapons


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