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The correct answer is (B). All the information given is based on the relation between Jade's age and Rose's age. Let's denote Jade's age by X and Rose's age by Y. "Jade is 9 years older than Rose " - we can translate this information into an equation.

X = Y + 9

Unfortunately, an equation with two variables is not solvable unless we have another equation. "In 4 years' time, Jade's age will be double Rose's age" - the second sentence also represents a relation. It means that in 4 years Jade's age will be X+4 and will be double Rose's age, which will be Y+4. Look at the equation below:

X + 4 = 2 (Y + 4)

Now we have two different equations with 2 variables. The first variable (X) is isolated in the first equation so we can insert its value in the second equation by denoting X as an expression of Y.

(Y + 9) + 4 = 2(Y + 4)

(Y + 9) + 4 = 2Y + 8

Y + 13 = 2Y + 8

Y = 5

Another method: Is understanding the relation between the ages too difficult? You can't convert them into equations properly? There is another way to solve this question without all those calculations.

The question asks about their ages, and the alternatives offer different ages to choose from. We do not need to try and find the answers ourselves because one of the answers is correct (and if not, the alternative "Cannot be determined" is correct). All we have to do is to check which of the values from the answers fits into the right terms that the question states. We need to find two different ages, with a 9-year gap between them. Furthermore, Jade has to be the older one. The only answers which fit are B and D.

How can we determine which one of them is the correct answer?

The second relation between the ages will help. In 4 years Jade will be twice as old as Rose.

Answer B is correct because if Jade is now 14 and Rose is 5, in 4 years' time Jade will be 18 and Rose will be 9.

Solving tip:
18 is twice as much as 9 so this can be the right answer. Although it fits the information the answer "Cannot be determined" is a trap. Why is that? Because maybe there are two correct answers. If there are, the correct answer is "Cannot be determined." Therefore, we have to check whether answer D fits the terms as well. If it doesn't, the correct answer is B, and if it does the correct answer is E.

Answer D contradicts the information, because in 4 years' time Jade will be 14 and Rose will be 5. 5*2 is not 14 and therefore the correct answer is B.