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drama with sung and spoken dialogue; often includes dancing


drama which is sung


light opera, usually comic and satirical, with spoken dialogue. In 19th century, three important national styles: Parisian, Viennese and British

Minstrel Show

a genre featuring performers in black face (whether black or white themselves) who presented a variety of visual and musical entertainments. Often satirizing the lifestyle of african americans.


in its earliest form, a genre devoted to satirizing well-known works;later, a strip show.


A mixed-bill presentation in which a set cast of performers present the various entertainments; sometimes the skits are organized around a specific scene such as satirical reexamination of the previous years events.


a revue with elaborate costuming


a type of stage entertainment consisting of many short connected presentations (turns), by a large array of performers, depicting a wide variety of skills, many related to music


a lavish production emphasizing elaborate stage sets and mechanical marvels.


a piece featuring a single performer


a piece featuring a pair of performers


a piece featuring three performers


a group of two or more performers ; also a term for the kind of piece they perform


a group of singers; the repetitive refrain of a verse-chorus form


the person who writes the music


the person who writes the poetry ( or in musical theater the spoken dialogue)


the person who organizes the financing and staffing of a theatrical production, often retaining the power to make some of the creative decisions as well

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