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it takes ____ mins. for light from the sun to reach Earth


the temperature in the core of sun is hotter or cooler than at the surface


the part of sun that gives its yellow color is


difference between solar flares and soloar prominence

solar flares: comback, solar prominence: loop

define solar wind and what does it cause

electric charged particles out into space; auroras

the sun is made of two main gases

hydrogen and helium; produces energy by nuclear fusion

name the planets in order

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

the orbits of planets are shapes as an


retrograde orbits move

westward; clockwise

two planets that have retrograde orbits are

Venus and Uranus

prograde orbits move

eastward; counterclockwise

Earth-centered model of solar system


Sun-center model of solar system is


terrestrial planets:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars

2 characteristics of terrestrial planets

rockycrust and made of Si, O2, Fe, no rings

terrestrial planets have a density _____ than 1


the 4 gas giants

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

2 characteristics of gas giants

huge gaseous w/ rockycore and H & He, rings, satellites

jovian (gas giants) planets have a density ____ than 1


evening star and morning star planet


great red spot planet


valles marineris planet


90 degree tilt of its axis planet


Earth's satellite


Jupiter's main satellites

Galilean, Io, Europa, Ganymear, and Callisto

Neptune's main satellites

Triton and Nereid

Pluto's main satellite


asteroid belt between planets

Mars & Jupiter

small rocky fragments traveling in space

meteoroids; meteor traveling through atmosphere; meteorite when it hits Earth

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