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Neural Tissue

Neurons that have several dendrites and a single axon
Cholinergic synapses release the neurotransmitter
Glial cell that is found lining the ventricles and spinal canal
ependymal cells
The brain and spinal cord comprise the ________ nervous system.
central nervous system (CNS)
The neurilemma of axons in the peripheral nervous system is formed by
Schwann cells.
________ neurons are the most common neuron in the CNS.
Cells responsible for information processing and transfer are the
EPSPs (excitatory postsynaptic potentials) occur when
sodium channels are opened.
IPSPs (inhibitory postsynaptic potentials)
result in local hyperpolarizations.
The sodium-potassium exchange pump
requires ATP to function.
Bundles of axons in the spinal cord are called
The part of the peripheral nervous system that brings information to the central nervous system is
The all-or-none principle states that
all stimuli great enough to bring the membrane to threshold will produce identical action potentials.
The ion needed to initiate the release of acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft is
________ neurons are rare, but occur in special sense organs.
Voluntary control of skeletal muscles is provided by the ________ nervous system.
Voltage-regulated channels can be found
in the membrane that covers axons.
The effect that a neurotransmitter has on the postsynaptic membrane depends on
the characteristics of the receptors.
Neurons in which dendritic and axonal processes are continuous and the soma lies off to one side are called
What happends during saltatory conduction?
action potentials occur at successive nodes along the length of the stimulated axon.
Where are Interneurons found?
found only in the central nervous system
Opening of sodium channels in the membrane of a neuron
________ neurons form the afferent division of the PNS.
Neurotransmitters are released from the
synaptic knobs
The axon is connected to the soma by the
Adrenergic synapses release the neurotransmitter
Most neurons lack centrioles.
Why do neurons do not regenerate?
The site of intercellular communication between neurons is the
The effect of a particular neurotransmitter is dependent upon the properties of the ________, not the ________.
receptor; neurotransmitter
Which type of synapse dominates the nervous system?
At the normal resting potential of a typical neuron, its ion exchange pump transports
3 intracellular sodium ions for 2 extracellular potassium ions
The myelin sheaths that surround the axons of some of the neurons in the CNS are formed by