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Canterbury Tales Characters

The Knight
Loves chivalry, "perfect Christian", and humble, had nice horses, he looks "grubby" when we first see him, wearing a habergeon (+)
The Squire
Skirt Chaser, around 20 years old, son of the Knight, his gown was short to show off his thigh muscles, and sleeves "long and wide" he's fashion conscious, and he waits on his father (-)
The Yeoman
Takes care of horses, serves both The Knight and The Squire (+/-)
The Prioress
She is a nun, but she is all about showiness, not who she appears, she's mannerly, not a morale person, frightened easily, went on pilgrimages to meet men, she was a big woman wearing a simple cloak and lots of gauded jewlery and a necklace that says "Love conquerors all" (-)
The Monk
From the St. Maurus (first black saint) order, he ignores the monks order rules, he's a rider/hunter/skirt chaser, wore really nice clothes his sleeves were "purfled", he a gold wrought pin and he was wearing a "love knot" and he was bald (-)
The Friar
Put the money he collected in his own pocket, was popular with the ladies because he said he'd forgive their sins if they payed up, he was a gossip, had pins and jewelry in his hoody, he faked a lisp to seem trustworthy, he is all fake his name was Hubert (-)
The Merchant
Pompous, was a loan shark, only talked about times he earned money not when he lost it (-)
The Clerk
Student from Oxford, has a crummy job, him and his horse were both very skinny b/c he couldn't afford to feed them well, he used his money on books, all around good guy (+)
The Lawyer
He overcharged for his services, also acted as a judge, he seemed busier then he actually was, knew all the laws by heart that had been passed since the 11th century in England, wore a "medley" coat, (-)
The Franklin
Landowner, had a red complexion, he is a foodie, his cook has to be ready to cook 24/7, very hospitable, sometimes he ACTED like he was a Knight of Shire (a sheriff), (+/-)
The Weaver, The Dyer, and The Arras-Maker
All traveling together, all dressed the same, went on this pilgrimage to show off their clothes and get clients (-)
The Cook
Discriminating beer drinker, Had an infection on his leg, but a good cook and a good guy (+)
The Sailor
Has 3 daggers on his person: one around a chord on his neck, one under his arm, and one down the side of his arm, doesn't have a conscience, gets in fights a lot, he transports wine and beer but he drinks it all, his ships name is "Madeline" he's a great sailor but one BAAADD dude (-)
The Physician
A quack, healed people using astrology, healed everyone that came to him though (weren't that sick), got his drugs to give to them from the pharmacist (conspiracy), he did not read the bible, (-)
The Wife of Bath
5 husbands, 50 relationships, She's a whore, she had been to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem 3 times all to find husbands, wore red stockings to CHURCH, she's gap toothed, had a HUGE hat, and had a big butt, and she could talk dirty as well as anyone (-)
The Parson
A country priest, always in good spirit, gave needy people money out of his own pocket, perfect example of how someone should live, he did not condemn the sinners, but if they talked back he would put them in their place (+)
The Plowman
The brother of the parson, not only fertilized his own fields but helped his neighbors fertilize their's too, (+)
The Miller
when he wasn't working he was a cage fighter, has a wart on the coping of his nose, told lots of dirty jokes, he stole corn and then sells it overpriced (-)
The Manciple
His job is that people give him money to get them food with and bring it to them at work, he works for a lot of lawyers (smartest guys in town), he buys cheap food and keeps the leftover money, has 30 customers and outsmarts them all (-)
The Reeve
He's a farm/ranch manager, his lord is 20 years old so much younger then him, no one can fool him, he makes more money then his lord does, wears an over coat, and carries around a rusty blade (never has to use it), everyone's scared of him (-)
The Summoner
Serves a summon on or to someone to get them to come to court, his face scared kids/ he had eczema, bad actor and travels with the Pardoner, when he was drunk he spoke in latin even if he didn't know what he was saying, if you gave him a court of wine he's "loan" you his gf for a year, he wore a garland, and a shield made out of bread (-)
The Pardoner
Travels with the summoner, he dresses like a priest and hears people's confessions, he has long blonde hair, he has a "veronica" (image of jesus) sewn to his cap, in his bag he has phony pardons, as well as phony relics to sell, makes more money in a day then most would make in 2 months time, and he sang the offertory, he's as phoney as it gets, (-)