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  1. connotation
  2. dialect
  3. eye contact
  4. bandwagon
  5. message
  1. a looking in the eyes of another person
  2. b this technique is effective with most of us who don't want to stand out. we want to belong.
    ex: Everyone's doing it!
  3. c type of speech from a region
  4. d meaning suggested by the word
  5. e the idea that is being communicated

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  1. to change- to add or delete
  2. "against" the proposition
  3. assert a fact, a value, or a policy change (topic)
  4. the person to whom the message is addressed to
  5. minimum number of people present to conduct business

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  1. logicalan appeal that relies on facts and supporting material


  2. main motion__________ is voted on last


  3. non-verbalcommunication that does not use words


  4. facial expressionsmiling/frowning


  5. opposed audienceneutral audience