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  1. six questions used in an interview
  2. previous question
  3. posture
  4. message
  5. safety needs
  1. a who? what? where? when? why? how?
  2. b ends debate and a vote is taken
  3. c the idea that is being communicated
  4. d standing tall
  5. e sense of security

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  1. hardest audience to convince
  2. if the consumer does not use this product something bad will happen.
    ex: "Eat this cereal and it will prevent cancer."
  3. realizing your full potential
  4. used to make the audience think- don't expect an answer back
  5. technical speech

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  1. status quostanding tall


  2. receiverthe idea that is being communicated


  3. deductive reasoninggeneral statement to examples


  4. main motionmeaning suggested by the word


  5. movementwalking


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