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  1. supportive audience
  2. patriotism
  3. previous question
  4. non-verbal
  5. quorum
  1. a ends debate and a vote is taken
  2. b shows American values, examples are strong families, hardworking people, flags, etc.
  3. c easiest audience to convince
  4. d communication that does not use words
  5. e minimum number of people present to conduct business

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  1. the consumer will join the ranks of the elite by using the product
  2. sense of security
  3. two barriers to listening
  4. any communication spoken or written that uses words
  5. "against" the proposition

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  1. inductive reasoningexamples to general statement


  2. dialectthe physical, social, psychological and time elements in which communication takes place


  3. self-actualizationrealizing your full potential


  4. fearif the consumer does not use this product something bad will happen.
    ex: "Eat this cereal and it will prevent cancer."


  5. 50___% is remembered