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  1. 50
  2. patriotism
  3. fear
  4. proposition
  5. appeal to tradition and nostalgia
  1. a assert a fact, a value, or a policy change (topic)
  2. b ___% is remembered
  3. c the manufacturer says to the consumer, "we have made the best product for over one hundred years." "Cookies like Grandma use to make."
  4. d if the consumer does not use this product something bad will happen.
    ex: "Eat this cereal and it will prevent cancer."
  5. e shows American values, examples are strong families, hardworking people, flags, etc.

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  1. voted on last, the basic motion
  2. easiest audience to convince
  3. liking yourself
  4. does not use language (spoken or written)
  5. the person who has a message to communicate

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  1. gesturesnodding for "yes"


  2. rebuttal speechattacks the arguments of the other side


  3. movementwalking


  4. self-actualizationrealizing your full potential


  5. physiological needswanting to have a friend