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  1. indifferent audience
  2. denotation
  3. physical and mental
  4. amend
  5. interference
  1. a direct dictionary meaning of a word
  2. b tougher audience because they don't care
  3. c anything that prevents effective communication
  4. d to change- to add or delete
  5. e two barriers to listening

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  1. examples to general statement
  2. neutral audience
  3. standing tall
  4. an appeal that relies on facts and supporting material
  5. this gimmick suggests a product is of better quality than its higher priced competitions

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  1. emotionalan appeal that is based on feelings like fear or anger


  2. attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, and action stepwho? what? where? when? why? how?


  3. deductive reasoninggeneral statement to examples


  4. previous questionends debate and a vote is taken


  5. constructive speechbuilds and argument