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  1. physical and mental
  2. appeal to tradition and nostalgia
  3. facial expression
  4. personal
  5. opposed audience
  1. a the manufacturer says to the consumer, "we have made the best product for over one hundred years." "Cookies like Grandma use to make."
  2. b two barriers to listening
  3. c hardest audience to convince
  4. d an appeal based on credibility of authority or speaker
  5. e smiling/frowning

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  1. looking in the eyes of another person
  2. the person who has a message to communicate
  3. nodding for "yes"
  4. general statement to examples
  5. meaning suggested by the word

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  1. affirmative"for" the proposition


  2. sex appealthe use of appearance, style or charm to sell a product
    ex: pretty girl in a car commercial


  3. loaded wordsreverse snob appeal. "Good ol' boys like us believe in plain, good quality items."


  4. interferencethe person who has a message to communicate


  5. verbal communicationdoes not use language (spoken or written)


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