A patietn with a ClassII malocclusion and mandibular plan angle of 50 degrees would benefit from treatment with:

a. a biteplane
b. high-pull head gear
c. molar extrusion
d. incisor intrusion
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The horizontal reference plane utilized in the Steiner cephalometric analysis is?Sella-naison (SN plane)The size difference between both the primary molars and the permanent successors is referred to as?Leeway spaceOrthodontic study models are trimmed inCentric OcclusionThe radiographic view utilized in conducting measurements for a mixed dentition analysis is:PanoramicHow many primary teeth are typically present in the mouth of a child at age 10?10-12All of the following are reasons for early loss of primary teeth except one. Which one is the exception? a. Trauma b. Caries c. Crowding d. Space lossspace lossA hand wrist radiograph is taken for all of the following purposes except one. Which one is the exception? a. Assess ossification b. Evaluate skeletal growth c. Predict patient's height at puberty d. Determine sexual maturityd. Determine sexual maturityPlace the following terms in order of least missing teeth firstHypodontia, oligodontia, anadontiaThe Steiner normal angles for SNA and SNB are ___ and ____ respectively.82 and 80.A patient with increased anterior vertical growth will definitely have an increased:Y-axis