psych exam 3 chapters 6 and 7

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Dr. Lopez assesses the correlation between scores obtained on two halves of his new test measuring the ability to cope with stress. The two halves contain similar questions. Dr. Lopez is checking the _____ of his new test
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A psychological test must fulfill certain requirements to be considered scientifically acceptable. Which of the following are the three basic requirements of good test design?standardization, validity, and reliabilityResearch done by Lewis Terman found that highly intelligent children tended to be socially awkward and physically clumsyFalseGeneral knowledge of words, facts, names, definitions, and other assorted trivia reflects which type of long-term memory?semantic memoryFor long-term memories to become permanent and stable over time, they must undergo a physical process called "memory consolidation."True_____ registers a great deal of information from the environment and holds it for a very brief period of timeSensory memoryWhich stage of memory can be thought of as the "workshop" of consciousness?short-term memoryThe concept of "mental age" suggests which of the followingAn individual's intellectual abilities can be different than their chronological age.Eric Kandel's research with the sea snail Aplysia demonstrated that memory formation involves functional and structural changes in neurons.TrueRegardless of whether it is visual or auditory, sensory memory registers a limited amount of information from the environment but holds that information for up to 20 secondsFalseBoth David Wechsler and Alfred Binet developed tests that were based on their belief that intelligence involves a variety of distinct mental abilities.TrueNumerous studies have shown that exposure to misinformation after an event can distort the memories of eyewitnesses for the original event.TrueThe _____ model describes the way that information is organized in long-term memory.semantic networkLong-term memory functions much like a tape recorder or camera; it captures, stores, and maintains a perfect record of everything that a person experiences.FalseAccording to the textbook, which of the following cognitive abilities is NOT an aspect of what is commonly called "intelligence"?artistic abilityEpisodic memory and semantic memory are components of Baddeley's working memory model.FalseWhich of the following adults has an IQ score that falls outside of the "normal" range?Ki, whose score was 135Dashiel looks up a phone number, and then continues to repeat the number until he has dialed it. This is an example of maintenance rehearsal.TrueOne strategy to increase the amount of information that can be held in short-term memory is to group related items together into a single unit. This strategy is called:chunking.A test designed to measure a person's level of knowledge, skill, or accomplishment in a particular area is called a(n):achievement test.Information is stored in short-term memory for about:twenty seconds.Dr. Macmillan has designed a test to measure mathematical ability in college graduates. In order to establish a norm against which individual scores may be interpreted and compared, she is currently administering the test to a large representative sample of college graduates. Dr. Macmillan is in the process of:standardizing the test.We transform information into a form that can be entered into and retained by the memory system. This process is known as:encoding.In order to find out if her new abstract reasoning test is good at measuring what it was designed to measure, Dr. Marshall compares the scores on her test with the scores and grades of college students enrolled in courses that involve abstract reasoning. In this instance, Dr. Marshall is in the process of:establishing the test's validity.Alfred Binet believed that intelligence was too complex to describe with a single number, and that performance on his tests of mental ability could be affected by many factors, including motivation.TrueThe encoding specificity principle refers to the recall of very specific images or details surrounding a vivid, rare, or significant personal event, such as the day you graduated from high school.FalseUnique, different, or unusual events are easier to retrieve from memory because they are characterized by a high degree of distinctiveness.TrueIn his eighth-grade history class, Sayeed had to recite Lincoln's Gettysburg Address from memory. Sayeed did well at the beginning and end of the Address, but he forgot some sentences in the middle. This example illustrates the serial position effect.TrueMuch of your sense of self is derived from memories of your unique life experiences. This particular kind of memory is referred to as "_____ memory."autobiographicalWhich of the following is NOT one of the key brain structures involved in encoding and storing memories?hypothalamusJonathan is a very bright 10-year-old with a mental age of 12. If tested on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, his IQ score would most likely be:120As a general rule, the more closely retrieval cues match the original learning conditions, the more likely it is that retrieval will occur.TrueWhen the gill-withdrawal reflex of the sea snail Aplysia has been successfully conditioned to a stimulus such as a squirt of water, observed changes in the neural circuit include:an increase in the amount of neurotransmitter released.Clustering is one way of increasing the storage capacity and duration of short-term memory.FalseTen-year-old Sydney's score on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence test was 130. It is likely that her mental age is:13Ali took a test that measured his level of knowledge, skills, and accomplishment in particular areas such as mathematics and writing ability. Ali took a(n) _____ test.achievement_____ is a measure of general intelligence derived by comparing an individual's score with the scores of others in the same age group.The intelligence quotientThe most likely explanation for Ben's inability to remember any details of the accident in which he received a bad concussion is that he had repressed the memoriesFalseSheldon's score on the WAIS was 160. Sheldon's score is in the:above-average range of scores.The three basic requirements of a scientifically acceptable achievement, aptitude, or intelligence test are standardization, reliability, and validity.True