History final

Space Race
JFK and US vs USSR...... wanted to beat the ussr regarding space technology....neil armstrong ealked on moon- apollo eleven, DOMESTIC ISSUE
Peace Corps
JFK..people w valuable skills traveled to underdeveloped countries........ to help locals improve their lives.....to help people learn how to live on their own>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN
Bay of Pigs
CIA, JFK.......Fidel Castro.......attempt to overthrow Castro, a comm., by CIA ...CIA hoped Cubans would help in the overthrow but instead Cubans supported Castro : (>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN
West Berlin crisis
JFK and Khrushchev >>Khrushchev planned to seal off w. berlin be so many people were fleeing east berlin. JFK convinced Khrushchev not to seal off w. berlin>>Khrushchev built berlin wall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN
Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK, Castro, Khrushchev>> soviets were constructing missile bases in Cuba>>Khrushchev threatened to bury the US>>JFK threatened a blockade around Cuba and the soviets backed down... brinkmanship took place>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN
Keep comm. from spreading>>keep the world safe for democracy