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Surgical Tech Practice Quiz

The doctrine of respondeat superior refers to:
"Let the Master answer" or the Employer is responsible for the employee's actions
Wrapped instrument sets must be sterilized for ____ minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for steam sterilization.
at least 30 minutes
The complete destruction of all living organisms is known as:
How long should the EtO biological indicator be incubated before the reading is recorded?
48 hours
The combination of what two factors kills microbes during steam sterilization?
Heat and Moisture
What is the technical term for robotic arms?
What medical terminology suffix means "surgical puncture to remove fluid?"
How much fluid is required to inflate the indwelling Foley catheter 5 cc balloon?
10 cc altogether
5 ccs = inflate the balloon and 5 ccs remains in the catheter tubing
The temperature in the Operating Room is maintained between:
65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Spherically shaped bacteria that occur in chains are referred to as:
A resectoscope is used during a/an:
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)
Which type of suture technique is used to invert the stump of the appendix during an appendectomy?
Which type of scissors are the best choice for extending an arterial incision?
Potts-Smith Scissors
The pulse oximetry reading in a patient should remain at least at or above what percent?
What type of needle is used when suturing the skin?
Reverse Cutting Needle