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the tube that connects the oral cavity to the stomach is called the
this GI tract organ stores food temporarily, and continues the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food
the tube that leaves the stomach (and is the first part of the small intestine) is called the
large intestine
this GI tract organ acts like a drying oven. it absorbs water from its contents, and consolidates and propels the unusable components of food toward elimination from the body
adrenal gland
accessory organs of the digestive system include all of the following (salivary glands, teeth, adrenal gland, liver and gall bladder) except
mucous membrane
the lining of the alimentary canal is a
pyloric region
the portion of the stomach closest to the duodenum is called the
the protein-digesting enzyme that works in the stomach is
small intestine
the GI organ that is the major site of nutrient absorption is the
this enzyme, which digests carbohydrates, is found in saliva and in the small intestine
this accessory organ of the digestive system makes digestive enzymes that act upon all of the major food types
produce bile
the digestive function of the liver is to