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Joysheet 15

The largest island in Melanesia is:
Papua New Guinea
"Melanesia" is Greek for:
Black Islands
Which of the following islands is not part of Melanesia?
Which country has the highest population growth rate?
Marshall Islands
Which of the following is not an independent country?
New Caledonia
The body of water that lies between Australia and New Zealand is the:
Tasman Sea
The capital of Paupa New Guinea is:
Port Moresby
High islands:
Have a steep central peak with valleys and ridges radiating out to the coastline
Most of Papua New Guinea is characterized by which type of agriculture?
Shifting cultivation
A ring-shaped island surrounding a lagoon is called an:
Which of these islands is considered a biological "hot spot"?
New Caledonia
Which of the following has been called the "extinction capital of the world"?
What is an exotic species?
A non-native species introduced into a new area
Jared Diamond declared what island to be "Earth writ small"?
Easter Island
Easter Island is currently owned by which country?
Which of these statements about Easter Island is false?
There are over 200 of the famous giant stone statues on Easter Island, along with over 900 statues left unfinished
Which of these islands or island groups was the last to be settled by the descendants of Austronesians?
Hawaiian Islands
The world's most linguistically diverse country is:
Papua New Guinea
What were cargo cults?
A belief that when European rule ended mystical "cargo" of long-denied material goods would be granted to native Pacific peoples
The first Polynesian kinds emerged:
After the establishment of European ports on the lee side of various islands
Which of these statements about Fiji is false?
The British imported mainly Hindu Indian Laborers to Fiji in the early 1800s to be workers in agriculture fields
American troops brought over many people from which island to help push Japanese troops off the island of Guadalcanal in 1942?
Which of the following is not a major economic enterprise in the Pacific region?
Assembly of goods from imported parts
Which of the following is the only country in the region outside Australia and New Zealand to have a significant manufacturing sector?
Which country's two-letter Internet suffix was purchased by an American businessman?
Phosphate mining has stripped which nation of 80 percent of its soil and vegetation?
Which of these statements about Nauru is false?
Nauru lies just north of the equator in Micronesia
The residents of which area are known as Kanaks?
New Caledonia
New Caledonia is primarily a source of which mineral?
What was the cause of the crisis that erupted on the island of Bougainville?
Bougainville was seperated from the Solomon Islands in incorporated into the country of Papua New Guinea
Which of the following statements about nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific is false?
The greatest fear in French Polynesia now is that France will increase its military presence in the region
New Zealand as removed from the ANZUS treaty because:
New Zealand refused to allow nuclear-powered American ships access to its ports
Which nation sued the United States and Ustralia over rising ocean waters attributed to global warming?
New Zealand is the second-largest country in the region as measured by area
"Coconut civilizations" are mostly associated with low islands
Papua New Guinea was originally controlled by both Germany and Great Britain simultaneously
Most tourists to the Pacific islands come from the United States and Japan
The nation of Kiribati unilaterally shifted its portion of the International Date Line westward to be the first country to greet the new millennium
France has not granted any of its Pacific island colonies independence