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Lethal mutations

a gene of chromosomal mutation that influences an organism's development in such a way that organism can't survive


the movement of a segment of DNA from one chromosome to another which results in a change in the position of the segment; also the movement of soluble nutrients from one part of a plant to another.

Complex characters

characters which are strongly influenced by both genes and the environment.

Genetic counseling

the process of testing and informing potential parents of their genetic makeup and the likelihood of producing offspring with genetic defects or a hereditary disease.

Gene therapy

the technique of placing a gene into a cell to correct a hereditary disorder or improve the genome.


where they test a pregnant women for gentic diseases by inserting a needle through the stomach and getting amniotic fluid out.

Chronic Villi Sampling

Where they take out chronic villi through cathider or needle to test for a genetic disorder.

Germ cell mutation

a mutation that iccures in a organisms bady

somatic cell mutation

a mutation that occurs in a body cell

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