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form of drama that shows the downfall of a dignified, superior character who participates in events of great significance


hero; main character

tragic flaw

error in judgement/weakness in character (pride/arrogance)


disastrous conclusions that usually involves mulitple deaths


masked group of characters (about 15)


destiny preordained by the gods no matter what action a person takes in the present


adventure tell that features extravagent characters, exotic places, heroic events, passionate love, and supernatural forces

romance hero

knight of superhuman strength, intelligence, and virtue who follows code of chivalry


journey motivated by love, religious faith, or desire for adventure- many obstacles

classical drama

drama of ancient Greece/Rome


long building served as backdrop for the action/dressing room


spacious floor between skene and audience


leader of chorus


speech given by 1 character alone on stage, used to reveal his/her private thoughts/feelings; audience understands character's motivation


character's remark, either to audience/to another character, that no one is supposed to hear; audience knows character's secrets

dramatic irony

results when audience knows more than 1 or more of the character's; helps build suspense

tragic flaw

high social rank (king, prince, general), has tragic flaw; suffers ruin or death; faces downfall with courage and dignity (Brutus)

verse dramas

most of the dialogue is written in metrical patterns of poetry

blank verse

unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter

iambic pentameter

5 unstressed then 5 stressed


repetition of grammatical structures to express ideas that are related or of equal importance

rhetorical questions

use of questions that require no answer to make speaker's rightness seem self-evident

Shakespeare was influenced by which midevil tragedies?

De Casibus

What is a purging of emotions called?


Shakespeare's tragedies reflect a theme of life as a pattern controlled by what?


Oedipus Rex is a model of great tragedy because it explores the depths of human suffering and because it is what?


Successfull characters who suffer from tragic events are said to be on what wheel?

Wheel of Fortune

Which Greek god had to do with plays/tragedies?



summary on play


words spoken by characters


tells what will happen next; prediction


knowing what will probably happen next

Flavius and Marullus show their disapproval of Caesar's power when they ________.

remove decorations from statues

Caesar orders Antony to touch Calpurnia during the race so that ______.

Calpurnia will concieve a child

The sidenotes for lines 66-78 of Scene 2 Act 1 explain that Cassius is trying to _______.

prove that he is a good friend to Brutus

Why does Cassius describe saying Caesar from drowinging?

to show Caesar's weakness

Reread Scene 2 Act 1 lines 301-305. What might Brutus' tragic flaw be?

He is easily persuaded

The synopsys at the beginning of Scene 1 Act 1 helps introduce you to the drama by _____.

explaining how Caesar gained great power

What did you learn by reading the summary at the beginning of Scene 3 Act 1?

The night is stormy

Reread Scene 3 Act 1 lines 157-160. The conspiratores want Brutus to join them because Brutus ________.

is known as an honorable man

Caesar's treatment of the Soothsayer may indicate that Caesar's tragic flaw _________.

ignoring warnings from other people

What thought does Brutus reveal in his soliloquy in Scene 1 Act 2, lines 10-34?

Caesar must be killed

What is Brutus' reason for refusing to swear an oath?

The conspirators' goal should unite them

Meteluus wants Cicero be part of the conspiracy because Cicero ________.

is older and has the people's respect

Brutus and Trebonius do not fear revenge from Antony because Antony ______.

cares more about having fun

The sidenotes for lines 5-6 Scene 2 Act 2 explains that Caesar sends his servant to the priests to ____.

find out what will happen in the future

Decius' arguements to persuade Caesar to leave his house appeal to which of Caesar's tragic flaws?

his weakness for flattery

Artemidorus' plan to give Caesar a note shows that Artemidorus _______.

supports Caesar

Reread Scene 4 Act 2 lines 28-30. What does the Soothsayer mean?

He has news for Caesar if Caesar is wise enough to listen.

Why does Caesar ignore Artemidorus' letter?

Caesar says that he will deal last with anything having to do with himself.

What does Trebonius to do help the conspirators?

He takes Antony away from the Senate House

The asides in lines 232-243 Scene 2 Act 3 convey that Brutus' motive for letting Antony speak is a ____.

belief that Antony's speech will help the conspracy more than harm it

Reread Scene 1 Act 3 lines 259-269. Antony's soliloquy reveals his belief that the conspirators ______.

will cause widespread and terrible war and pain

What does Antony want Octavius' servant to do before returning to his master?

observe what happens at Caesar's funeral so that he can report to Octavius

What arguement does Brutus offer during his speech at Caesar's funeral?

Caesar had to die because all Romans would have become slaves under him

What are the first lines of Antony's speech?

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears."

The crowd doubts Brutus' claim that Caesar was ambitious because Casear ______.

refused to take the crown

Antony draws attention to Caesar's wounds during his funeral speech to cause the crowd to _____.

feel anger toward the conspirators

Reread Scene 2 Act 3 lines 256-257. This short soliloquy shows that Antony's motive during his funeral speech was to ______.

inflame the crowd to attack the conspirators

When you read the synopsis of Scene 3 Act 3, you learn that ______.

the people of Rome are out of control with rage

What do Antony and Octavius plan to do?

build an army

While in his tent, Brutus accuses Cassius of _____.

taking bribes

What does Cassius claim that he does better than Brutus?

be a soldier

What does Cassius tells Brutus that people should do for their friends?


The sidenote for line 148 from Scene 3 Act 4 helps you understand that _______.

the news of Portia's death hurts Cassius

Portia kills herself because ________.

she is worried about Brutus

What does the ghost of Caesar tells Brutus?

Brutus will see the ghost again at Philippi

What affect of Caesar's death shows that he is a tragic hero?

A civil war has started in Rome

When Queen Elizabeth I was in reign what was the group called?

Lord Chamberlain's Men.

When King James I was in reign what was the group called?

King's Men.

The Feast of Lupercal is what day?

February 15

Brutus is an ________.

"Honorable man"

The Soothsayer tells Caesar to, "_________."

Beware the Ides of March

Casca tells that Caesar was offered the crown ___ times, but doesn't.

3 times

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