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  1. Henry Ford
  2. George Liele
  3. What was the mail route from Missouri to California called?
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Thomas Edison
  1. a Boston
  2. b invented the phonograph
  3. c pony express
  4. d first missionary to a foreign country
  5. e invented the Model T car & assembly line

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  1. west
  2. Dover
  3. Robert Fulton
  4. Billy Sunday
  5. invented the mechanical reaper

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  1. PennsylvaniaHarrisburg


  2. Who started out as a lawyer but became one of America's greatest revival preachers?Dwight Moody


  3. Sir Henry Bessemerinvented the Model T car & assembly line


  4. What is the code of short and long dashes clicked over a telegraph wire called?pony express


  5. Promontory Point, UtahHartford