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  1. Cyrus McCormick
  2. What were the names of the two companies that built the transcontinental railroad?
  3. Why was the Model T so inexpensive?
  4. What are 2 changes brought about by the transcontinental railroad?
  5. What Act promised 160 acres of land to anyone who would farm it for 5 years?
  1. a It was built on an assembly line.
  2. b helped to settle the West, East was brought closer to the West
  3. c Homestead Act
  4. d invented the mechanical reaper
  5. e The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Company

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  1. Adoniram Judson
  2. pony express
  3. Hartford
  4. Samuel Morse
  5. Charles Finney

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  1. Who made the first successful airplane?Orville Wright


  2. Who started out as a shoe salesman but turned into an evangelist?Jan Matzeliger


  3. Who made millions of dollars in the steel industry?Andrew Carnegie


  4. Henry Fordinvented the Model T car & assembly line


  5. John D. Rockefellerdeveloped a method of turning iron ore into steel