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  1. What Act promised 160 acres of land to anyone who would farm it for 5 years?
  2. Why was the Model T so inexpensive?
  3. What was the only area left to be settled by the mid 1800s?
  4. Who made the first successful airplane?
  5. Who started out as a lawyer but became one of America's greatest revival preachers?
  1. a Homestead Act
  2. b Orville Wright
  3. c It was built on an assembly line.
  4. d west
  5. e Charles Finney

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  1. born a slave but became a famous scientist who worked with plants
  2. developed a method of turning iron ore into steel
  3. invented the Model T car & assembly line
  4. man who founded and built Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
  5. Morse Code

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  1. VermontMontpelier


  2. New HampshireTrenton


  3. Who made millions of dollars in the steel industry?Jan Matzeliger


  4. George Lielefirst missionary to a foreign country


  5. John D. Rockefellerdeveloped a method of turning iron ore into steel