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Spanish playwright who wrote "Don Quixote."


Perhaps the most famous French playwright of the Renaissance.

Elizabethan Period

Since there was a queen for much of the time, this period of high Renaissance
in England was called the _____ _____ after her.

Christopher Marlow

English playwright who wrote "Dr. Faustus."

Ben Johnson

Rival playwright to Shakespeare, but said (about Shakespeare) that he was
"a man for all time."

William Shakespeare

The Bard - perhaps one of the most influential playwrights ever from
England. Wrote "Romeo and Juliet," "Hamlet," "Macbeth," and "Julius


Theory that emotions were related to the amount of and types of fluids in the
human body.


Speech that an actor says to himself or herself that reveals the emotions and
personal thoughts of the character to the audience.


A short statement that is only meant to be heard by the audience.

Iambic Pentameter

Blank Verse - 10 syllables per line of text. It made learning parts easier for
people of the day.

Globe Theater

Shakespeare's theater.


People who stood on the ground and paid the lowest price for a ticket to the
show. They came to see the show.

To be seen

The reason many upper class people came to the theater in England at this


Shakespeare placed them at the center of his shows in such a way that the
stories can be told set in almost any time and place.

What they do, What they say, What others say about them.

The only ways we have of knowing about Shakespeare's characters.

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