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unconscious mind.

When Braden was nine, he saw one of his classmates fall under the wheels of a school bus as it pulled away from the curb. Today, at the age of 34, he has no memory of the accident. The evening news carried a flashback of the accident that happened 25 years ago, and Braden still didn't remember being at the scene when the accident happened. According to Freud, it seems that Braden's memory of the accident is contained in his

believe that her son hated her

If she is using the defense mechanism of projection, a mother who actually hates her son would MOST likely be both unaware of her hatred and

cognitive processes

Social cognitive theory differs from Skinner's approach in giving more weight to

low in agreeableness

Janelle is suspicious and uncooperative. Her friends think she is a boastful person who is seldom sympathetic. Based on the five-factor model of personality, Janelle would probably score


Joan is an unfailingly polite person who always considers the feelings of others. This tendency to act in a similar manner across situations is indicative of which of the following qualities of personality?

previous learning experiences and his history of reinforcement.

In explaining why Cole is deceitful and has a tendency to lie, a psychologist who held a strong behavioral view toward personality development would consider Cole's


In an emergency, we would all react differently from one another because we all have different personalities and experiences. This quality of personality is called

excessive punishment during his toilet training as a toddler

Graham is a 25 years old male who is extremely <b>anxious </b>about any type of sexual activity. According to Freud's view of personality development, this anxiety may have arisen from

low in extraversion

Marcos is very quiet and avoids large groups. Some people consider him unfriendly, and he seldom takes a stand or acts assertively. Based on the five-factor model of personality, Macros would probably score


Jason just sat down to work on his term paper when his friends called and invited him to a party. If Jason decides he will only go to the party after he finishes outlining the term paper, his decision reflects the functioning of his

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