French study guide

a la plage
at the beach
a la campagne
in the countryside
a la maison
at home
a la banque
at the bank
a la librarie
at the bookstore
a la pharmacie
at the pharmacie
a la boucherie
at the butcher shop
a la boulangerie
at the bread bakery
a la patisserie
at the sweet breads bakery
a la poissonerie
at the fish market
a la confiserie
at the candy store
a la boutique d'animalaux
at the pet shop
a la quincaillerie
at the hardware store
a la pizzeria
at the pizzeria
en ville
in town
en vacances
on vacation
en classe
in class
use a + name of a city, don't use au, etc.
au cinema
at the movies
au cafe
at the cafe
au magasin de sports
at the sportshop
au magasin de modes
at the clothes store
au magasin de jouets
at the toystore
to be
je suis
i am
tu es
you are
il/elle est
he/she is
nous sommes
we are
vous etes
you are
ils/elles sont
they are