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Unit 5 Review (Part 3)

Battle of Murkden
What was the major Land battle in the Russian Revolution?
Battle of Tsushima
What was the major Sea battle in the Russian Revolution?
Negotiated by Teddy Roosevelt and the eastern nation defeated the West.
What was the Treaty of Portsmouth?
Italy, Great Britain, France, and the United States, gained this name after helping Austria-Hungary defeat Germany.
Who were the "Big Four," and why did they gain this name?
Map of Europe was redrawn, but Italy was not satisfied. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia were all created as well.
What occurred in 1919?
He had a plan called the Fourteen Points, in which he called for self-determination, free trade, disarmament, fair treatment of colonial peoples, and established the League of Nations.
Describe President Woodrow Wilson's role in the Treaty of Versailles.
Germany had to pay reparations, lost all of overseas empire, and their kaiser abdicated and fled Germany. New government was assembled in Weimar (1919) democracy with a president and chancellor was created in weak Germany.
Who took the blame for WWI? And what happened to them?
Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918, Turkey declared itself a republic and under Ataturk followed a program of modernization. Arabs were promised freedom for help against central powers.
What happened to the Middle East after WWI?
It granted the Shandong Peninsula to Japan.
How did the Versailles Treaty effect Japan?
He formed fascists and prevented a communist revolution in Italy. His goal was to recapture the glory of the Roman Empire. He called himself "El Duce" and his followers were called the blackshirts.
Who is Benito Mussolini? His goal? What did he call himself and his followers?