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Class I-VI

Only occlusal surfaces of caries are on the posterior teeth (premolars or molars) is in what particular class?

Class 1

The buccal of pits or fissures of caries on a molar is class ___.

Class 1

Caries on the lingual pits near the cingulum of maxillary incisors is in class ____.

Class 1

Mesial and distal surfaces of caries are on a premolar is class ___.

Class II

The caries are on the distal surface of a molar is the class ____.

Class II

Restorations on MOD surface of a molar is class ___.

Class II

Class __ is also restorations on MO surface of a premolar.

Class II

If caries is on mesial, and lingual surfaces on a molar, what is the class?

Class 1 and II

Class ___ is when the caries are at the mesial surface on the lateral incisor.

Class III

What class if the caries were at the mesial or distal surfaces for canine or central incisor?

Class III

The caries do not involve of the incisal angle is class ___.

Class III

The class ____ has a fractured area on the proximal incisal surface of the incisor.

Class IV

The caries involve of the incisal angle is class ___.

Class IV

Caries in proximal surface, mesial surface of a canine is in the class____.

Class IV

Class ___ caries occurs on the facial surfaces of the tooth.

Class 5

What class is it when caries are on the gingival buccal areas of the teeth?

Class 5

Cavities on the incisal edge of anterior teeth is class ___.

Class VI

Class ____ caries can occur on the occlusal surface of the mandibular incisor due to abrasion.

Class VI

The cavities on cusp tips of posterior teeth is class ____.

Class VI

The occlusal and distal surfaces of a molar is class ___.

Class II.

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