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  1. Armenian Genocide
  2. Rasputin
  3. Marne
  4. Gavarillo Princip
  5. Militarism
  1. a basically the holocaust of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire. Approx. 1.5 mil to 2 mil Armenians were exterminated during the Genocide. Took place during the beginning of WW1.
  2. b river in France, The battle of the Marne is a massive stalemate between France and Germany. One of the main battles that decided Germany's downfall.
  3. c a guy who doesn't die, is scary, and said to have mystical powers who worked under the Tsar.
  4. d assassinated Franz. He was a member of the black hand and did not like the Austro-Hungarians coming into his country.He was 19 at the time. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for Franz's death and this kicked off WWI.
  5. e a strong buildup of the military.

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  1. A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries poitically, socially, and economically.
  2. a unofficial secret Serbian military group that was opposed to Austria-Hungary. Nationalism played a part in creating this group due to their "patriotism."
  3. a city in Meuse in north-eastern france....where the battle of Verdun took place.
  4. leader in Russia before the revolution. Very disconnected from his people. Known as Bloody Nicholas for the Khodynka Tragedy (1,000 people died after a celebration,) Bloody Sunday (workers marching to present a petition to Nicholas were gunned down...1,00 fatalities estimated,) and anti-emetic pogroms.
  5. Enlgand's representative. Publicly he wanted Germany destroyed for what they had done in the war, but privately he did not want to completely strip Germany of all of its power due to his fear of the spread of communism. He felt that Germany should still be strong enough to be able to resist the spread of communism from Russia.

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  1. Nationalismthe doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other


  2. Trench FootMartov, who was in league with Lenin had a dispute with lenin, and due to that formed the Mensheviks who became a minority, and broke off from the Bolsheviks.


  3. Battle of Verdunwas a battle tactically won by France because the French did not allow Germany to capture Verdun or inflict higher causalities up on the French, however many French died in the battle and it ended up being very costly for both sides. Over 300,000 died in this battle. Another stalemate type battle due to trenches.


  4. Alsace-Lorraineits significance is it is a piece of land between France and Germany that has been fought over for a very long time. it has kept switching between German and French control.


  5. Proletariatthe general public in Russia


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