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  1. New Economic Policy
  2. Marne
  3. Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand
  4. Significance of propaganda
  5. Battle of Verdun
  1. a river in France, The battle of the Marne is a massive stalemate between France and Germany. One of the main battles that decided Germany's downfall.
  2. b was a battle tactically won by France because the French did not allow Germany to capture Verdun or inflict higher causalities up on the French, however many French died in the battle and it ended up being very costly for both sides. Over 300,000 died in this battle. Another stalemate type battle due to trenches.
  3. c Economy set down by Lenin. It proposed that small shops, such as smoke shops, restaurants, etc. could stay in business with private owner, but large industries and bankswould be controlled by the state...this economic policy also had a very high tax on certain individuals such as farmers.
  4. d homefront, soldiers, how it changes from the beggining of the war till the end (it'll only take six weeks, come fight for your country and live to be 90...your country need you if your really ______ then you will fight."
  5. e the heir to Austria -Hungary. His murder kicks off the war.

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  1. trench warfare and the advancement of technology
  2. a league where the nations of Europe, their colonies, etc. meet to discuss problems between their country, and overall to keep peace in Europe.
  3. France's representative, he wanted to see Germany crushed, and wanted all of Germany to crumble due to what they had done during WWI.
  4. leader in Russia before the revolution. Very disconnected from his people. Known as Bloody Nicholas for the Khodynka Tragedy (1,000 people died after a celebration,) Bloody Sunday (workers marching to present a petition to Nicholas were gunned down...1,00 fatalities estimated,) and anti-emetic pogroms.
  5. Leads the Bolsheviks during the revolution. Very idealistic, not really very communist because he finds that the proletariat are not ready to take up power and therefore he shall lead. The problem is, he and the Bolsheviks are a lil greedy.

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  1. MensheviksMartov, who was in league with Lenin had a dispute with lenin, and due to that formed the Mensheviks who became a minority, and broke off from the Bolsheviks.


  2. Trench FootMartov, who was in league with Lenin had a dispute with lenin, and due to that formed the Mensheviks who became a minority, and broke off from the Bolsheviks.


  3. Battle of Tannenberga battle in the beginning of WWI between Germany and Russia. Russia's second army was almost completely obliterated along with its first. It really took place in Allenstein, although due to German ideology about the Teutonic Knights being defeated, and now this is a comeback.


  4. Vittorio OrlandoHe was the Italian representative at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. He pushed for a revenge-based treaty at Versailles, hampering the 14 points.


  5. Militarisma strong buildup of the military.