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  1. Vittorio Orlando
  2. Black Hand
  3. Anastasia
  4. Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand
  5. Battle of Tannenberg
  1. a a battle in the beginning of WWI between Germany and Russia. Russia's second army was almost completely obliterated along with its first. It really took place in Allenstein, although due to German ideology about the Teutonic Knights being defeated, and now this is a comeback.
  2. b in the Tsar's family. The youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas.
  3. c the heir to Austria -Hungary. His murder kicks off the war.
  4. d a unofficial secret Serbian military group that was opposed to Austria-Hungary. Nationalism played a part in creating this group due to their "patriotism."
  5. e He was the Italian representative at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. He pushed for a revenge-based treaty at Versailles, hampering the 14 points.

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  1. where all of the country is invested in warfare...its economy, politics, citizens on the home front, food, general supplies, any company, and whatever a country can produce goes towards war.
  2. leader in Russia before the revolution. Very disconnected from his people. Known as Bloody Nicholas for the Khodynka Tragedy (1,000 people died after a celebration,) Bloody Sunday (workers marching to present a petition to Nicholas were gunned down...1,00 fatalities estimated,) and anti-emetic pogroms.
  3. a league where the nations of Europe, their colonies, etc. meet to discuss problems between their country, and overall to keep peace in Europe.
  4. its significance is it is a piece of land between France and Germany that has been fought over for a very long time. it has kept switching between German and French control.
  5. Germany's military plan at the outbreak of World War I, according to which German troops would rapidly defeat France and then move east to attack Russia.

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  1. Woodrow WilsonU.S president at the Peace Treaty of 1919. He created the 14 points which were designed to keep militarism in Europe to a minimum, open trade routes in Europe, keep peace in Europe (no secret alliances) and overall make it where Europe could function economically very strongly, without creating feud's.


  2. New Economic PolicyEconomy set down by Lenin. It proposed that small shops, such as smoke shops, restaurants, etc. could stay in business with private owner, but large industries and bankswould be controlled by the state...this economic policy also had a very high tax on certain individuals such as farmers.


  3. Trench Foota disease that was common in the trenches. This is caused by wet feet (not changing socks). Was a large cause of death in WW1.


  4. Gallipolia guy who doesn't die, is scary, and said to have mystical powers who worked under the Tsar.


  5. Treaty of Versaillesa treaty created to end the war (after the armistice). It includes parts of the 14 points, and generally is made to make Germany pay war reparations, say the war was their fault, and overall limit the Entente. Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire are split up.